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Micro SD card

Original Micro SD card with Customized ID service

Weight1.15 g
Dimensions11 × 15 × 1 mm


Customized Service


Payment Term

T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal


Limited 5-year warranty with free technical supports


Details About Micro SD card

Original class 10 mobile phone micro scan  2GB 4 Gb 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB Micro sd memory card
4GB C10 AS writing speed—6.88MByte/S

Reading speed—-15.4MByte/S

8GB C6 AS: writing speed—7.67MByte/S
Reading speed—-18.6MByte/S
8GB C10 AS: writing speed—13.1MByte/S
Reading speed—-18.3MByte/S
16GB C10 AS:writing speed—19.8MByte/S
Reading speed—-20.5MByte/S
32GB C10 AS writing speed—17MByte/S
Reading speed—-20.4MByte/S
64gb U3 AS writing speed—28MByte/S

Reading speed—-69.5MByte/S

64gb C10 AS: writing speed—23.9MByte/S
Reading speed—-20.9MByte/S
256gb C10 AS: writing speed—48.8MByte/S
Reading speed—-75.4MByte/S
What’s the difference between SZ real card and TW cards

1.SZ real card is full capacity, but its material has some flaw, we say it is Bad Block, Bad Block will STOP card memory function.

2.SZ real card bad block rate is higher than TW cards

3.SZ card compatibility is not good as TW

4.SZ card quality is not steady, work-life also not sure, maybe a few days, but also maybe a few years

that’s why SZ card is really full, but the unit price is much cheap, just because of its invisible flaw

Main Application
Mobile phone, MP3, 4,5, mini-speaker, digital-Camera, GPS, Tablet PC, Computer, for PSP Play Station, HD video record, Vehicle traveling data recorder, Security system …etc.and other devices.
Main function
for Digital photography, photography, video, MP3 music, games, personal account calendar and the tape, and other functions
Basic Technical Data

Operating temperature: 0 to 60°C / 32 to 140°F

Storage temperature: -20 to 85°C / -4 to 185°F

Main Package Selections
1.Bulk Package: The cheapest cost and shipping fee.
2. Single Plastic Box ( Case ) Package: middle cost and shipping fee;
3.Retail Blister Package: higher package cost and shipping fee too because of weight heavy.


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