Application of NAND storage in all levels of IntelliDrive

Nand flash technology is widely used in the data storage of cars. From ordinary fuel cars to IntelliDrive cars, Nand storage involves all aspects of cars

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With the formation of standards for intelligent driving vehicles, the innovation of relevant technologies, and the change in consumer preferences, the automobile industry is developing rapidly in a changing situation. As an important component of intelligent driving vehicles, the proportion of electronic content in the car is also increasing. In order to ensure the safety and stability of the car, NAND flash technology is widely used in the data storage of the car. From ordinary fuel cars to electric intelligent driving vehicles, NAND storage involves all aspects of the car.
Application of NAND storage in all levels of intelligent driving

1. L0 / L1 level automatic driving

L0 without automation and L1 driver-assisted vehicles, the onboard information system, GPS positioning, car recorder, and other devices used to assist the driver in driving need basic storage support, and the performance of SD memory cards is sufficient to meet their needs.

2. L2 level automatic driving

L2 partial automation is the mainstream in the current market, able to replace the driver in appropriate situations, independent control of the vehicle’s steering and speed, to complete simple tasks such as lane change. However, L2 level automation still requires the driver to pay attention to the road conditions throughout the entire process to be ready to take back the driving power at any time, especially when faced with an unexpected situation.

3. L3 level automatic driving

L3 special conditions automated autonomous driving has AI artificial intelligence system intervention, even if the vehicle lost the assistance of GPS, can still complete the vehicle in special conditions such as changing lanes, overtaking, and other operations.

At L2 and L3 levels, it already requires the intervention of sensors such as radar and cameras around the body to give instructions to drive after the acquired data is processed by the cloud. In order to meet the data collection of multiple sensors, L2 and L3 level self-driving cars need higher performance eMMC or UFS storage.
Image from NVIDIA

4. L4 level automatic driving

L4 high automation: the requirements of the vehicle in special terrain or road conditions can be completely separated from human control, independent to complete the operation and operation of the vehicle.

5. L5 level automatic driving

L5 automatic: this level is the true sense of the “autopilot”, passengers need to set a destination, vehicle AI will through the GPS satellite lamp, real-time traffic information, as well as the vehicle itself to install the radar, cameras to gather information, to the AI computer analysis path, ensure efficient passengers to the destination safely.

At L4 and L5, more automated intelligent driving will be processed by AI data inside the vehicle, which requires higher performance on-board computers, larger and faster storage devices, and processing and storage of data generated by sensors with higher quantity and accuracy. To meet this requirement, BGA PCIe SSDS are more competent in terms of performance and capacity.

Thus, the eMMC and UFS storage required for L2-level autonomous driving will remain the mainstream for a long time. But driven by the development of intelligent driving technology, every intelligent driving car will become a mobile data center, and the demand for data storage in each car will increase exponentially. BGA PCIe SSDS are expected to reach their peak in 2025 when each vehicle will generate more than 5TB to 20TB of data per day.


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