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Networking/Telecommunication Applications Solutions

Networking/telecommunication applications typically have the greatest demands in terms of performance, reliability, and capacity. Networking equipment manufacturers are required to deliver high performance, high reliability, multi-year product lifecycle products that meet stringent reliability standards and reduce the rate field failures and maintenance service calls. DiskMFR provides industry leading production level TDBI (Test During Burn In) capability and utilizes specific in-house testing solution to ensure long-term reliability and quality of DiskMFR industrial SSDs which can operate under extreme temperature conditions.Furthermore, networking/telecommunication environments usually have high traffic with multiple concurrent transactions.


DiskMFR industrial embedded SSDs modules offer a wide range of capacities and increase the performance in IOPS with full power failure protection technologies.

Market Applications

  • Wireless base stations
  • Enterprise edge routers
  • NAS/ SAN
  • Network Security appliances
  • Field test equipment

Customer Requirements

  • Multi-year product lifecycle
  • Minimal forced product requalification
  • Ability to acknowledge end of useful life
  • Small form factor and scalable technology
  • Protection from power surges due to user-error or environmental conditions

DiskMFR Industrial SSD Solutions Advantages

  • High performance, high reliability and long product life
  • S.M.A.R.T. command to acknowledge scheduled maintenance and replacement times
  • Ability to forecast drive life
  • Low total cost of storage ownership

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