Customized Special Military

DiskMFR dedicated engineering support team can also provide special customized storage solutions .Our rugged SSD products are specially tailored to fit the needs of each aerospace and defense application ,including a variety of sizes, speeds, capacities /2TB, Rugged connector, extended temperature, physical destruction, Dual-class erase and other data security options.

DiskMFR Military storage solutions


Market Applications

2.5inch Rugged Connector SSDs are specially customized for aviation video-recording /digital recording systems which require higher reliability and easy plug-in operations in length aviation projects.

2TB 2.5inch SATAIII MLC wide temperature SSDs are specially customized for demanding applications that requires larger capacity 2TB based on 2.5” size and 13.5mm height.

DiskMFR Dual-class Erase/Destruction SSDs are specially customized for XXX military Research Institute who needs both Secure Erase and Physical Destruction options to ensure data security in extreme conditions.

DiskMFR can also provide AES256 Encryption SSD solutions to allow the users to set their own Encryption Key freely first and then do fast secure erase operation in extreme urgent conditions.