DiskMFR RMA Service

As for our RMA policies, Please let us know if any queries, will give you our best services
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Chief Technical Officer

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Requesting an RMA Number

Online RMA Form (Click to fill our online RMA form)

Contact us from whom you originally purchased the products. Please provide the following information:

  1. your name, address, contact telephone numbers, and e-mail address
  2. proof of purchase of the product; if you have lost the proof of purchase, the warranty period will be determined on the basis of the manufacture date of the product
  3. product model and serial numbers
  4. description and explanation of the malfunction or problem

Packing and Delivery

Appropriate Packing

Defective products must be placed in an appropriate packaging, and sent to the designated servicing location of DiskMFR.

Do Not Enclose Accessories

Do not send any accessories (printed box, CD/DVD, user’s manual, etc.) along with the defective product, DiskMFR will not be responsible for their safekeeping or for mailing them back.

Must Have an RMA Number

The “RMA Number” must be clearly indicated on the outside of the returned package. DiskMFR will refuse the package without an RMA number, and ship it back freight collect.

Proof of Purchase

A copy of dated receipt or invoice with qualifying purchase circled must be enclosed in the package

Traceable Delivery

Customers must select a shipping company that can provide proof of delivery (such as home delivery, express mail or registered mail), and are responsible for all the shipping costs, shipping damages and risk of loss during the transportation, unless there is proof the product was lost after arriving at DiskMFR

Warranty Does Not Cover

Replacement or repair will not be provided if the situation occur as below:

  1. The fake or counterfeit products.
  2. The serial number on the product does not match or is damaged or unclear.
  3. Non-functional damages such as damaged, removed or reapplied product labels or warranty stickers which make it unable to be identified positively as a DiskMFR product.
  4. Products were damaged due to accidents such as damaged/missing warranty sticker, improper use, improper operating environment, wear and tear, non-natural or man-made damages, or any unauthorized dismantling, fixing and replacing of the product.
  5. The damage is severe, such as ruptured/burnt/damaged PCB, burnt connector/horizontal scratches, lost/damaged/dropped/burnt internal components.
  6. Any man-made damage such as deformed casing, malicious operations, damage due to virus attack or adverse operating environment, etc.
  7. DiskMFR only provides product warranty services; the warranty coverage does not include third-party software, connected equipment, or saved data.
  8. Customers must save and backup their own data, DiskMFR will not reserve the existing data within the defective product.

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