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DiskMFR Company Videos

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Company Video

Production Process

Walking into our Warehouse

DiskMFR WorkShop Videos For Solid-State Drive

Nand Flash Sorting

PCB Board Split

SMT workmanship

Writing Program & Opening the card

Hi-Temperature Test

RMA Repairing for SSD

DiskMFR WorkShop Videos For DDR Ram

Flash Sorting & Automatic Plate

RMA Repairing for DDR Ram

Writing Program and Burn-In Test

DiskMFR Workflow for each unit of storage products

1. Incoming Quality Control

Step 1: Incoming Quality Control

2. The chip automatically arranges the plate

Step 2: The chips automatically arrange the plate

3. SMT patch processing

Step 3: SMT patch processing

Open card

Step 4: Open card

Reading & Writing Speed Test

Step 5: Reading & Writing Speed Test

6. Writing the Firmware

Step 6: Writing the Firmware

E-Test Voltage

Step 7: E-Test Voltage

8. Aging Test

Step 8: Aging Test

Whole Disk Test

Step 9: Whole Disk Test

Bad Block View

Step 10: Bad Block View

Vibration Test

Step 11: Vibration Test

Reprogramming the ISP files

Step 12: Reprogramming the ISP files

Whole Disk Test again

Step 13: Whole Disk Test again

14. Finished Products Package

Step 14: Finished Products Package

15. OQC Inspection

Step 15: OQC Inspection

Into the Warehous for Shipment

Step 16: Into the Warehous for Shipment

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