IPC/Emmbedded Systems

In high-performance Industrial PC and Embedded applications, demand for faster data transfer rates and higher bandwidth is increasing. Meanwhile, constraints on space, endurance, reliability and power are rising. Industrial/Embedded computing storage and memory implementations require a level of technical support and product tunability that only a true designer/manufacturer can offer. DiskMFR Industrial SSD products provide the optimal solution for industrial control systems, which must withstand constant vibration, high humidity, and wide temperature ranges.

Data storage solution for embedded system

Industrial Automation category includes a wide range of applications such as data acquisition control machines for process management, robotics on a production assembly line, and ruggedized sensors in remote monitoring systems. All industrial uses share common application requirements to withstand high shock and vibration, wide temperature variations and extreme environmental conditions. Product manufacturers are also very concerned about ability to source components over extended production life and ease of field maintenance.

Market Applications

  • Data acquisition systems
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Industrial automation equipment
  • Industrial Control System
  • Industrial PC/ Embedded PC

Customer Requirements

  • High performance and reliability in extreme conditions
  • Fast data transfer
  • Rugged, small footprint form factors
  • Protection from power surges due to user-error or environmental conditions
  • Ability to forecast drive end-of-life
  • Predictable maintenance schedule

DiskMFR Industrial SSD Solutions Advantages

  • High performance, high reliability and long product life
  • Fast read/write speeds for both small and large file transfers
  • Small form factors for design flexibility
  • Advanced protection from power disruptions
  • SMART command to acknowledge scheduled maintenance and replacement times
  • Low total cost of storage ownership

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