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As more and more electronics are being integrated inside the automotive cabin and under the hood, storage systems for the automotive market need to perform flawlessly in all usage applications and environments. Advancements in automotive electronics ushers in the era of the connected car, advanced driver assistance systems, GPS navigation, and feature-rich infotainment systems. Automotive applications require highly reliable memory technologies to support the computation and data storage demands of modern automotive systems. DiskMFR offers high-end memory products in multiple embedded and removable form factors to work with the automotive industry’s newest and most demanding applications.

DiskMFR Automation Data Storage Devices

DiskMFR mSATA (JEDEC MO-300A) SSD modules and various M.2 SATA SSD and Slim SATA SSD modules are ideal for auto infotainment applications They are easily integrated into a host system without any special BIOS modifications or additional device drivers thanks to their industry-standard SATA interface. We offer single-level-cell (SLC) and multi-level-cell (MLC) Industrial temperature grade mSATA drives.

The advanced storage technology of DiskMFR 128GB SSD products delivers high performance and high reliability with the low cost of ownership required to exceed the stringent requirements of the automotive market.

Market Applications

  • Safety / Blackbox
  • Car Entertainment Systems
  • Car GPS Navigation Systems
  • Intergrate Transport Systems

Customer Requirements

  • Multi-year product lifecycle
  • Protection from power surges from user-error or environmental conditions
  • No forced product requalifications
  • Ability to forecast drive life
  • Scalable technology

DiskMFR Industrial SSD Solutions Advantages

  • High performance, high reliability and long product life
  • Advanced protection from power disruptions
  • Custom small form factors
  • Minimal total cost of storage ownership

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