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Medical Equipment Solution

There is a vast array of medical applications, ranging from diagnostic instruments as MRI and CT scanners, ultrasound systems, to blood testing and dialysis machines and infusion pumps. The amount of data stored can be small, as in heart rate monitoring equipment for example, or large as in X-Ray imaging. Nonetheless, there is one common aspect: qualifying and certifying components for medical use is a lengthy, expensive task and the timeline from the initial testing to volume production may extend over several years. Any requalification needs to be avoided as much as possible.

Embedded Solid-State Drive Solutions

As a vast array of solid-state storage products steadily penetrates the embedded systems space, it is not uncommon for designers to get a little overwhelmed by flash-storage options. SLC & MLC SSDs; Form factors such as 2.5inch, 1.8inch, M.2, Slim SATA, mSATA, CompactFlash, CFast, eUSB & others; interfaces like SATA, PCIe and PATA and AHCI, NVMe and other aspiring standards – these all make for quite an acronym stew and a dizzying array of selections designers must make.

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