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"Why Do I Select these test Software" and "How to Understand SSD Performance Test Data in 3 Minutes" Why do I select these test software?
SSD test software summary

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“Why do performance tests have so much data? I don’t know how to look at it.”

“Why Do I Select these test Software” and “How to Understand SSD Performance Test Data in 3 Minutes” Why do I select these test software?

During the SSD read and write performance test, six test software are selected:

  • View basic information: CrystalDiskInfo
  • Read and write performance tests: AS SSD Benchmark, HD Tune, ATTO Disk Benchmark, Crystal Disk Mark
  • Bad block detection: H2testw

These software are selected to be tested together because they are common in SSD performance tests. Moreover, because the comprehensive test results of these testing software can reduce accidental results, they will be more authoritative and convincing.

Understand SSD read and write performance test data within three minutes

SSD data consists of four types: sequential read, sequential write, random read, and random write.

In general, data that is read and written continuously is the best performance of SSD in the theoretical case. Random reads and writes reflect the performance of the SSD for complex daily operations.

Next, take this DiskMFR Colorful SL500 test as an example, take you to understand how to see the data.

Basic information view: CrystalDiskInfo software (CDI)

Basic information view CrystalDiskInfo software (CDI)
Basic information view CrystalDiskInfo software (CDI)

The CDI is used to view the basic information about hard drives, including the health status of hard drives. You can CHECK if you bought something secondhand, as shown in the figure, power times 8 and use 0 hours.

Read/write performance test software: AS SSD Benchmark


AS SSD is a software specially developed for SSD. In the upper left corner, the 4K alignment of the hard disk is displayed. If the hard disk is not 4K aligned, the read and write speed will be greatly affected. In addition, the continuous read/write speed is directly displayed as a number. You can directly see the read/write speed of the hard disk, as shown in the figure below: 524MB/s,487MB/s.

ATTO Disk Benchmark (ATTO)

ATTO software test
ATTO software test result

ATTO performs read and write tests with data packets of different sizes, and the data is expressed in the form of bar graphs. It mainly depends on the impact of different file size ratios on hard disk speed. As shown in the figure, when reading 16MB files, the maximum reading speed is 565MB/s, and when writing 32MB files, the maximum writing speed is 529MB/s.

CrystalDiskMark (CDM)


CDM can select different sizes of files for testing; The 1GiB file size is selected for the test, and the hard disk performance is displayed digitally like the AS SSD software. The test focuses on the continuous read and writes speed and 4K random read and write speed. As shown in the figure, continuous read and write speed: 564MB/s,526MB/s, 4K random read and write speed: 304MB/s,282MB/s.

HD Tune (HD)


HD software is characterized by a continuous speed curve, can fully see the test process read and write speed changes; As shown in the figure, the hard disk writing speed drops from 500MB/s to around 300MB/s.

Bad block detection: H2testw (H2)

H2TestW (H2)
The above H2 test is based on our 64GB USB drive

H2 software can detect hard disk bad block, which can be understood as the detection of hard disk is fake; The figure shows “Test finished without errors” directly on the test results.


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