Essential Tips for Maintaining Laptop: A Comprehensive Guide

Non-stop operation of the optical drive, Rough use of the touchpad & mouse, Touching the screen with fingers, Simultaneous use of battery & power
Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Laptop A Comprehensive Guide

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We should take good care of our newly purchased laptop. So, how can we maintain it properly? In this article, our editor will introduce several common improper ways of using a laptop.

Non-stop operation of the optical drive

Regardless of whether it is an original or compatible optical drive, the continuous operation will generate a large amount of heat, which can damage the laser head of the drive and accelerate the aging of surrounding components. For example, using the laptop optical drive to play movie discs is very improper use, and we can save the movies on the hard drive to watch instead.

Rough use of the touchpad and mouse

Laptops usually come with two types of the mouse: touchpad and pressure-sensitive mouse. When using a pressure-sensitive mouse, many people press it with excessive force, which is not conducive to the flexibility of the screen cursor and can damage the pressure-sensitive mouse over time. We should press and move it lightly to maintain its flexibility, and for the touchpad, which usually has a special PVC material surface, we should avoid pressing and sliding too hard, which can damage the surface. It’s best to lubricate your fingers before use and move them gently on the touchpad surface.

Touching the screen with fingers

When explaining things to others using the LCD screen, we often use our fingers to point, which can leave fingerprints and oil stains on the screen, and even cause scratches from fingernails, resulting in discoloration and dead pixels over time. We should regularly clean the screen with a neutral liquid and soft cloth, and then dry it with a soft and dry cloth. It’s a good habit to avoid touching the screen with your fingers.

Simultaneous use of battery and power supply

95% of people are accustomed to using laptops with both battery and power supply plugged in, but this can shorten the battery life. If you use the laptop while plugged in, it’s better to remove the battery to extend its lifespan.

Using the laptop in tilted or bumpy environments

Laptops are designed for mobile use, so we have reasons to use them in any situation. However, the hard disk, one of the core components of the laptop, can be damaged by inadvertent tilting or bumping. Even the best-designed hard disk needs a magnetic head to read the disk, and under tilted or bumpy conditions, the magnetic head can easily damage the data disk. It is best not to use the laptop in tilted or bumpy environments. Alternatively, at least install hard disk protection software on the laptop, which can pause disk operations during tilting or bumping to protect your hard disk.

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