How Many Chips are there in a CAR?

It used to take 500-600 chips to make a typical car. the average number of chips needed for each car will have reached more than 1,000 in 2021.
How many chips are there in a car

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It used to take 500-600 chips to make a typical car. With the continuous development of the automotive industry, today’s cars are gradually moving from mechanical to electronic development. Cars are becoming more and more intelligent, so the number of chips required is naturally growing. It is expected that in 2021, the average number of chips needed for each car will have reached more than 1,000.

In addition to traditional cars, new energy vehicles are the “big” chip, These types of cars need many DC-AC inverters, transformers, converters, and other components, and these require IGBTs, MOSFETs, diodes and other semiconductor devices have also increased significantly, a better new energy vehicle needs chips that can reach about 2000. The demand is overwhelming.

Li Shaohua, deputy secretary-general of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, said the chip size of the current global semiconductor industry is between US$300 billion and US$400 billion. 10%, which of course will lead to a weak situation when car companies plan production or compete for orders.

From the point of view of technical requirements, the automotive standard chip really accounts for the majority of chip companies. “, but the threshold has not been lowered. On the contrary, the requirements for the performance index, durability, reliability, safety, and quality consistency of the vehicle scale chip are high, which is difficult to achieve with the consumer electronics chip.

Compared with consumer chips and general industrial chips, the working environment of automotive chips is more severe: the temperature range can be -40℃~155℃, and high vibration, dust, electromagnetic interference, etc. Due to personal security issues, automotive chips have higher reliability and security requirements with a general lifetime of 15 years or 200,000 kilometers. /TS 16949, ISO26262 functional safety standard, etc.

The high standard, strict requirements, and long cycle of the Car Scale chip will keep increasing the input threshold, which directly leads to only the comprehensive ability or vertical integration ability being very strong, and has the ability to play the advantage to the extreme of the chip company, can be included in the car-scale chip production list. If you look around the world, there are few car scale chip makers like NXP, Infineon, and Siemens with more graduates than graduates, which is another reason for the lack of auto chips.

China is trying to establish a perfect innovation ecology for the auto chip industry and solve the problems in the further development of China’s auto industry. Domestic automotive companies BYD, SAIC, and many semiconductor companies have entered the field of automotive standard chips.

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