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How to check if computer M/B is integrated graphics or not?

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Every computer must have a display function, have a display chip, this becomes GPU, have plenty of independence, which people call "ATI Rage Mobility", have plenty of integration to the motherboard, which people call "integrated graphics card", for people who do not understand computers, how to distinguish when buying a computer? Since discrete graphics are more expensive than integrated graphics, here's how to make if your computer is an integrated graphics card.

In terms of physical properties

In terms of physical characteristics, you can see the rear side of the main box. If it is integrated, the “signal cable” of your monitor is not far away from the mouse, USB, and other interfaces, usually up and down.

Of course, the motherboard is on the table, so if you put the case upright, your motherboard is upright.


In terms of system configuration

Right-click “my computer“, select management, navigation on the left to open the device manager, expand the right display card, generally integrated are Inter, or AMD and other series, if what inter6760, AMD650, an independent has its own graphics card chip code. Such as GT430, 9600GT, and so on.

In terms of memory modules

If the RAM is less than 2GB, you can see whether the memory is an integer, such as 2 GB, this is independent, if 1.95 or 1.75, it is integrated. Built-in “My computer” right-click to select properties that can be viewed.

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