How To Read Nand Flash Chip Datasheet?

Is it the latest version? and Are certification and reliability test reports complete?

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Generally, the datasheet can be obtained from the company’s agent or the original factory FAE. No matter from which channel to receive, pay attention to be sure to get the following issues.

  1. Is it the latest version?
  2. Are certification and reliability test reports complete?

How to read the Nand Flash Chip Datasheet correctly?

➡️General Information

The home page of the chip manual generally has Features, Applications, Descriptions, and other descriptions, which can help us quickly understand the basic information of chip types and characteristics, typical circuits, basic parameters, application scenarios, and other basic information. Many unsuitable chips can be excluded through this basic information, as shown in Figure 1 below.

Basic Information of Chip datasheet
Image 1

➡️Pin description and specific parameters

① The pin parameters describe basic information for each pin, as shown in Figure 2 below.

Pin description and specific parameters
Figure 2

② specific parameters

The absolute maximum parameter value specifies the maximum and minimum operating parameters allowed by the device pays attention to use in this range and does some derating design.

Recommended operating parameters, FIG. 3 below, show the input and output voltage range of the device as well as the upper and lower limits of the operating temperature.

Specific Parameters of Chip Datasheet
Fig. 3

Package and thermal parameters. For buck chips, you can pay more attention to these parameters to ensure that the design will not cause thermal damage to the chip in the worst case. Pay attention to the test conditions of the listed parameters.

Electrical characteristics (EC). There are many parameters in the EC list. For hardware engineers, I suggest that they should take the design objective as guidance and study other parameters when they have time. Also, pay attention to the test conditions for these parameters.

Typical features. Typical features are used to describe some of the components’ features in tabular form. For example, the relationship between junction temperature of buck chip and crystal frequency is described in Figure 4 below.

Junction temperature of buck chip and crystal frequency
Figure 4

➡️ Chip Design Details

This is the essence of the chip manual. The contents of this part are usually long and long. I have captured the contents of this part as shown in Figure 5 below.

Essence of the chip manual
Figure 5

This part of the content is relatively long, it is easy to be ignored by the novice, mainly including the chip internal block diagram, the role of each pin and its detailed use introduction, function characteristics description, such as Undervoltage protection function-specific implementation method, how to achieve overcurrent protection, and so on, also includes the analysis of specific design cases.

For example, the specific design requirements of this BUCK chip are described in the chip manual in Figure 6 below. The detailed design process for this design requirement is shown in the following text, including the selection of input and output capacitance and output inductance. Continuous diode selection, ripple calculation, output voltage resistor selection, Layout design guidance, but also including molding circuit test (output efficiency test, ripple test, dynamic response, power-on, and power-off test) and so on. I highly recommend taking the time to research this section.

Design requirements on Chip Manual
Figure 6


  • Get the latest Datasheet, preview the home page, and determine whether you need the device;
  • According to the design requirements, purposefully read the chip manual parameter information;
  • Focus on the design details listed in the chip, a good study of this part of the design circuit promotion is very helpful;


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