Intelligent Healthcare: Practical Applications & Opportunities

This article explores the importance of intelligent healthcare in improving hospital management efficiency and patient experience.
Intelligent Healthcare Practical Applications and Opportunities

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With the rapid development of the socio-economy and the increasing living standards of people, the demand for medical services has gradually shifted from “difficult access” to “high cost”. The traditional healthcare model faces significant challenges due to serious drawbacks, including low patient satisfaction, strained doctor-patient relationships, inefficient allocation of medical resources, and poor patient experience due to long waiting times, complex processes, and other issues. In this context, intelligent healthcare has emerged with the aim of using digital and intelligent technologies to enhance hospital management efficiency, improve patient experience, and reduce medical resource waste.

In addition to the elements mentioned in the original article, solid-state drives (SSDs) and other NAND storage products play an important role in intelligent healthcare. With high-speed read and write capabilities, SSDs can improve the performance of medical equipment and electronic medical records systems, enabling faster data access and processing. NAND storage products, such as flash memory cards, USB drives, and memory modules, can also be used to store and transfer patient data securely and efficiently.

Hospital management involves asset management, which currently faces many issues such as disorganized asset management and the inability to trace assets. By using RFID technology for intelligent positioning, all fixed assets in the hospital can be identified, leading to more standardized and professional asset management. With RFID tags, it is possible to locate, track, inventory, and record fixed assets, and relevant data can be uploaded to the backend server in real time.

Medical Equipment Energy Efficiency Management

Medical equipment use and maintenance is a significant undertaking, and improper use may lead to equipment failure or damage, resulting in financial losses for the hospital. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the maintenance and inspection of medical equipment in daily management to ensure that it is in good working condition.

In the era of information technology, establishing a medical equipment energy efficiency management system can collect data on all medical equipment in the hospital, and analyze the energy consumption of the hospital’s equipment through extensive data analysis. Based on statistical data, abnormal energy consumption can be identified promptly, and measures can be taken to prevent equipment failure caused by excessive or insufficient energy consumption. This ensures the safe and smooth operation of medical equipment in the hospital, saves hospital resources, and improves hospital economic efficiency.

Indoor Positioning and Navigation in Hospitals

During the process of medical treatment, doctors often need to ask patients multiple times before they can provide a preliminary diagnosis. If the doctor leaves the consultation room, the waiting patient outside may not know their current status, which greatly increases the diagnosis time and ultimately affects the treatment effect.

To solve this problem, smart healthcare proposes the solution of indoor positioning and navigation in hospitals, which deploys wireless tags and mobile positioning services to provide navigation services for patients. This allows medical staff to understand the patient’s condition in real time and provide necessary treatment, thereby improving the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

Intelligent Guidance

Currently, many hospitals in China face the problems of a large number of patients, long waiting times at registration windows, and inconvenient outpatient information queries. The appearance of intelligent guidance systems can effectively solve these problems. The intelligent guidance system can perform intelligent triage based on the patient’s condition and guide them to the appropriate department for treatment based on their symptoms.

In addition, the intelligent guidance system can dynamically display relevant medical information in real-time and provide navigation services for medical staff. Based on this, online registration, online payment, and hospitalization procedures can be carried out, providing convenience for patients in the medical treatment process.

The Waste Management System

The waste management system is an important part of the information construction of a smart hospital. Based on barcode scanning technology and RFID technology, it tracks medical waste and improves the efficiency and accuracy of waste management in hospitals.

To prevent medical waste from being misplaced or contaminating the environment, monitoring equipment is installed in the waste storage area. By monitoring the storage status of medical waste in real-time, it tracks and monitors the time, direction, and disposal of medical waste, thereby achieving full-process tracking, effective management, and monitoring of medical waste. This reduces the hospital’s infection rate.

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