There are several issues to be aware of with SSDs

Do not defragment the disk, Don't forget to back up essential data, and Be aware of compatibility issues.
There are several issues to be aware of with SSDs

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Do not defragment the disk

SSDs store data in different ways from traditional hard disks. For example, SSDs use the “loss balancing” mechanism to average the number of reads and writes to each block to prevent rapid aging caused by frequent storage unit reads. Current operating systems are not prepared for this either. The main principle of the disk defragger is to put data that needs to be read frequently in places where it can be accessed at high speed, while data that is rarely accessed is stacked in the corner. Solid state drives, by their very nature, can find any piece of data very quickly. Current disk-organizing tools are unable to optimize the file system of a solid-state drive. SSD users should disable automatic disk defragmentation and not defragment manually.

Don’t forget to back up essential data

It is difficult to recover the damaged data of solid-state disks. With traditional disk or tape storage, if the hardware is damaged, current data recovery techniques may be able to save some of the data. But if an SSD becomes corrupted, it is almost impossible to recover data from a failed (especially DRAM-based), broken, or penetrated chip using current data recovery techniques.

Be aware of compatibility issues

SSD compared with the traditional mechanical hard disk in the internal software design is still in a perfect process, with the traditional mechanical hard disk storage medium has changed the nature of, and imitated the mechanical hard disk access mode, sector, etc., so that to our existing computer system, which can identify effectively the read and write, for solid-state drives, Invisible also increases the complexity, at the same time there are some and motherboard compatibility, etc., this write depends on repeated testing and verification.


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