What Are The Big Five DDR5 Memory Upgrades?

Since there is no consumer-grade PCIe5.0-related product, Today, we will focus on DDR5 memory known as the "memory industry revolution".
What Are The Big Five DDR5 Memory Upgrades

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Since the birth of the 12-generation Core, apart from the CPU itself, the most attention is the revolution in advanced protocols, one is the full support of PCIe5.0 protocol, for the next generation of graphics card and memory to provide a universal interface; The second is the comprehensive introduction of a new generation of DDR5 memory protocol, breaking the performance and experience of memory products over the years “stagnant”, triggering a new wave of memory.

As for the former, since there is no consumer-grade PCIe5.0-related product, we will skip it here. Today, the focus on DDR5 memory is known as the “memory industry revolution”.

As for DDR5 memory, most users intuitively feel that the frequency is improved, that is, the frequency starts from DDR4 memory 2133MHz, doubles to 4800MHz, and even reaches the level above 6000MHz according to the latest news. Only from the numerical appearance, DDR5 is indeed a great leap in the memory technology revolution, in addition to numerical stimulation, from a technical point of view, DDR5 memory mainly has the following five technical upgrades, the last of which is unexpected.

The equivalent frequency is multiplied — faster

DDR5 the most dazzling technology upgrade is the most can feel the equivalent frequency improvement, directly from “2133MHz” leap-forward growth to “4800MHz”, even with the depth of the current DDR5 memory parameters, 6400MHz or will become the mainstream level.

The improvement of frequency makes DDR5 theoretical running score has a qualitative leap, whether in reading test, writing test, or replication, delay, from the running score results, DDR5 is undoubtedly ahead of time, the improvement is huge.

DDR5 memory running score
DDR5 memory running score
DDR4 memory running score
DDR4 memory running score

This is also a large number of users, for DDR5 memory first impression, is also the most acceptable technical innovation, that is, the frequency to improve the running points, so that the computer, in theory, can “run faster”.

DRAM capacity increases — more capacity

The DRAM capacity of the memory is also the key direction of the improvement of DDR5 memory technology. In JEDEC’s DDR4 specification, the maximum capacity of a single memory Die is only 16Gb, but in the DDR5 era, the capacity of a single memory Die is up to 64Gb.

In other words, DDR4 era single 32GB Maybe the ceiling of consumer memory capacity, can enter the DDR5 era, the improvement of the standard specification, the redundancy of the process and internal design make a single 32GB become the industry mainstream standard, and even the subsequent single 64GB, even a single 128GB, will be possible.

Of course, the birth of the above capacity specifications, but also the need to further upgrade and optimize DDR5 technology, and consumer acceptance, is a long process of innovation; But the advent of standard protocols is a positive sign of memory expansion.

Lower operating voltage — lower power consumption and stronger overclocking

If the doubling of capacity and performance is the most significant technology upgrade, then the internal technology upgrade and correction are iteratively optimized in deeper dimensions.

The reduction of the operating voltage is an important part of it.

DDR5 memory operating voltage is lowered to 1.1V, compared with the lowest DDR4 operating voltage of 1.2V, achieving a reduction of about 20%. The reduction has two important meanings.

One is the power consumption, especially for notebook products, and enterprise server products, 20% power consumption reduction, has significant energy saving significance; The second is the overclocking potential. The reduction of initial voltage makes the subsequent overclocking adjustment parameters have more operational space, which can further improve the overclocking potential of memory.

On-die ECC devolution — stronger error correction ability, more stable operation

In fact, as wafer lithography continues to improve, the density of DRAM chips continues to increase, leading to the possibility of data leakage, data correction, and data errors. Especially in enterprise application scenarios, to avoid frequent data errors, the industry introduces the ECC error correction mechanism to avoid risks, improve reliability and reduce defect rate.

On-die ECC devolution -- stronger error correction ability, more stable operation

The new DDR5 memory, in order to further stabilize data transmission and correction, has introduced an ON-DIE ECC error correction mechanism similar to enterprise-level application scenarios, which can dynamically correct data unit errors or data coding errors, providing technical support for the stability of users’ daily applications. This is a bold attempt to devolve enterprise-level technology to consumer scenarios, and it is also a very innovative and important product upgrade for DDR5 memory.

Dual 32-bit addressing channel, single channel to dual channel — lower latency and double efficiency

The last important technology upgrade is the introduction of a dual 32-bit addressing channel. Its basic principle is to divide the 64-bit data bandwidth inside the DDR5 memory module into two addressable channels with 32-bit bandwidth respectively, which effectively improves the memory controller, the efficiency of data access, and reduces the delay.

Dual 32-bit addressing channel, single channel to dual channel -- lower latency and double efficiency

Therefore, we can see that after a single DDR5 memory is inserted into the computer, some professional software even directly identified it as dual channel memory, which is due to the DDR5 memory module’s radical change from “64-bit single channel” to “independent 32-bit dual channel” technical innovation; Of course, this dual channel design is quite different from the conventional dual-channel design, and it can not be compared with the traditional dual-channel composed of two memory, and its improvement effect also depends on the application scenario has certain performance differences.

However, in general, the introduction of dual 32-bit addressing channels has a significant effect on addressing performance and delay reduction, and the overall performance of DDR5 has a lot to do with this technology in a sense.

DDR5 new technology brought thinking

DDR5 memory since the beginning of last year, has been in the middle of the storm, the arrival of new technology will inevitably lead to the old products being out of line, old and new products, old and new technology change and replacement is the inevitable event in the technology industry all the time.

For practitioners, rapid understanding and acceptance of new technologies and processes are fundamental to continue; For consumers, new technologies can be disliked and viewed unfavorably, but they cannot be rejected. You and I in the era of deep technological leap forward cannot block or hide, do you think?


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