What are the common IoT Devices?

The concept of the Internet of Things is not new to us, whether you come into contact with this word in life or at work
What are the common IoT devices

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The concept of the Internet of Things is not new to us, whether you come into contact with this word in life or at work, but to ask what are the devices of the Internet of Things? Many people may not have a clear idea of ​​the device and it can only give the impression that we saw that we used it.

The physical network is designed to connect objects and the network, to realize intelligent identification of remote control and management equipment through a variety of network connections for data transmission, to achieve remote control and maintenance functions remotely.

Wired IoT Devices and Wireless IoT Devices

Wired IoT devices generally refer to devices connected to the network via network cables, Ethernet, commonly used in industrial and commercial fields, such as gateways, stock exchange rates, industrial robots, surveillance cameras, etc. . Wireless IoT devices refer to devices connected to the network via 4G, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc. They are used in life, industry, and commercial areas such as industrial gateways, smart speakers, and smart homes.

Distinguish by using functional areas

▶ Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices are considered to be the products of the Internet of Things that we come into contact with the most. Smart speakers, smart sweeping robots, smart home gateways, etc. from big brands are very practical products. Controlling home appliances through mobile phones is very convenient and improves the quality of life.

▶ Industrial intelligence gateway

The Industrial Smart Gateway is an Internet of Things device for industrial automation, data collection, and remote monitoring. According to the networks and data collection of industrial equipment, data monitoring and predictive maintenance can improve the efficiency of production, management, and maintenance, which is widely used in the field of industrial control such as smart factories, smart water, control, and energy control.

▶ Life safety equipment

IoT medical devices can learn about patients’ physical data in real time and pay attention to it at all times. They can also be used to monitor health data in everyday life. Smartwatch is a common example. More importantly, it can be used for emergency rescue in natural disasters, rapid location, and rescue.

▶ Internet of Vehicles

Vehicle entertainment, navigation, and maintenance monitoring are the main applications of the Internet of Vehicles, which provide passengers with a more comfortable and safer journey. In addition, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence combined with driverless car technology is an important future. Application.


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