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Why does the new installation of the solid-state hard drive can not be identified, how to solve it?

Why can’t the newly installed solid-state drive be recognized? how to solve it?
In an exciting mood to just bought the solid-state hard drive into their love, but after the computer is turned on, but found that can not find the new hard drive, the mood suddenly fell into a low ebb, and then fell into a state of self-doubt, whether the computer does not have a drive letter, or installed the wrong, do not worry, usually the main reason for this situation is that the type of hard disk interface WINPE can not identify, at this time we.
We need to change to IDE mode in BIOS. Here is a demonstration with the Asustek motherboard. Come and have a look at it if you are in need.

Step 1: After the computer is connected, quickly connect the [F2] on the keyboard and enter the bios.
After entering bios, click to enter [Advanced Mode]

Step 2: Make sure you get in advanced mode.

Step 3: Click “Advanced” in BIOS advanced mode, and then select “SATA Settings”

Step 4: Click the button on the right where the SATA mode is selected and select [IDE].
Note: AHCI mode is the default.

Step 5: Button [F10] or click exit in the upper right corner and select Save changes and reset.
Check again and try WINPE to see if you can see the vacancy and partition of the solid-state drive.

Step 6: This method is suitable for setting the hard disk of the SATA interface under WINPE.
The interface of the solid-state drive is SATA.

Please let us know if you still have any problems with installation or other technical problems. Thanks

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