10 Useful Tips to Protect your Internet Security

Protect your personal information with these 10 internet security tips. Stay safe online and avoid identity theft.
10 Daily Tips to protect your Cyber Security

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With the progress and development of society, incidents of personal information leakage are becoming increasingly common. When personal information is leaked, it may result in receiving countless unsolicited messages or even financial losses. Therefore, in order to maintain a normal lifestyle, it is necessary to be vigilant at all times to prevent personal information from being leaked. So, how can we effectively prevent personal information leakage? Below, I will share some insights in the hope of providing some assistance to those who need it.

1. Do not fill out the questionnaire at will

Filling out questionnaires seems to be a fashionable thing nowadays. Online, on the street, or even in school study rooms, someone may approach you with various interfaces to ask you to fill out a questionnaire. At this time, do not fill out the questionnaire randomly, and do not provide personal important information on the questionnaire. Otherwise, your phone number, email address, and other important contact information may be leaked inadvertently, and may even be resold.

2. Do not take advantage of small benefits

It is human nature to seek advantages, but there is no such thing as a free lunch. On the Internet or on the street, you may encounter a situation where you are offered a small gift for leaving your contact information and other relevant information. At this time, you are revealing personal information, but what you get in return is something that is not useful, or even useless, and you may end up taking a big loss.

3. Do not casually discard shipping documents

Receiving and sending packages seems to have become a part of many people’s lives. Many people, after receiving their packages, take the items and casually throw the box and the shipping documents into the trash can. The shipping document usually records your name, address, and contact information. If you casually discard the shipping document, you may inadvertently reveal a lot of your personal information.

4. Proper Handling of Train and Airline Tickets

Currently, train and airline tickets are purchased under the real-name system, with personal information such as name and partial ID number printed on the ticket. Therefore, after exiting the station, it is absolutely important not to casually discard the ticket, let alone allow illegal individuals to take it away.

5. Do Not Leave Your Contact Information Randomly

Many times, we casually leave a phone number and end up receiving many unexpected calls, such as when looking for a house. The people who make these calls often know your needs and will call you incessantly, even disrupting your normal work and rest. Therefore, in order to keep your peace of mind, try not to leave your contact information casually.

6. Delete Printing Information Immediately After Printing at the Printing Shop

Printing shops are magical places that can bring us a lot of conveniences but also bring a lot of trouble. Some people like to copy files from their USB drives to the desktop of the printing shop but often forget to delete them after printing. In this case, printing a general file is okay, but if it’s a personal resume, it will inevitably leak personal information.

7. Install a Firewall on Your Computer

The online world is diverse but also full of danger. In order to better enjoy online life, it is best to turn on the firewall before going online. This can put protective clothing on your computer, prevent external attacks, and reduce the probability of leaking your information through the network.

8. Use Legitimate Websites for Browsing and Shopping

When checking messages or browsing videos, be sure to go to legitimate websites, otherwise, even if you have installed antivirus software, it cannot guarantee that your computer will not be infected with viruses. This is especially important when shopping online. Using legitimate and secure websites will increase your safety.

9. Do Not Accept or Open Strange Emails Casually

When opening your email, you should not easily open emails from strangers. Especially when you receive emails with links related to winning prizes or claiming rewards, you should be extremely careful. Do not open the links casually, as they may leak your browsing history or even your account and password for important websites.

10. Do not blindly trust the information on social media.

Various seductive advertisements or promotional information can often be seen on social media, some of which may even be spread through Trojan viruses by friends. For any information involving consumers or the submission of personal information, it should not be blindly trusted.

Words in the end

These are the ten tips for internet security. As long as you are careful not to be tempted by small gains and understand that there are no free lunches in this world, only traps, and remain vigilant by visiting legitimate websites, you can ensure your online safety.

The End
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