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Breaking News In China!!! Chip factory power restrictions and production shutdown

On September 27th, according to industry news, Sunrise Semiconductor Kunshan issued a notice that the plant will be restricted and the plant will not have any output during the power restriction period!

The notice pointed out that due to the double reduction policy of energy consumption, ASE Semiconductor (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. received an emergency notice from the local government on September 26, 2021, and after active consultation with government departments, it will take one day to complete the production of products working on the machine, and the power restriction period will eventually be adjusted from 8: 00 on September 27th, 2021, to 24:00 on September 30th, 2021. During this power cut period, the factory will have no output.

According to the information, (ASEKS) is a member of the Sunrise Group and officially opened in May 2010. Located in the Yanhu Industrial Park in Kunshan City, the Sunbeam Kunshan facility provides semiconductor companies with a broad portfolio of services covering IC design, assembly, and test, wafer probing, and final test for major package products including SO, PDIP, QFN, QFP, BGA and LGA, and supports all types of testing including analog, logic, and mixed-signal.

According to reports, recently the National Development and Reform Commission in a routine press conference on nine provinces and regions directly named, pointing out that Qinghai, Ningxia, Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Jiangsu 9 places in the first half of the energy consumption intensity year-on-year, not down but up. September 16, “improve the energy consumption intensity and total double control degree program” came out, the policy and then increase the code.

Under the pressure of the “double control of energy consumption” target, some regions announced strict control of energy consumption, the implementation of electricity to reduce the load, to ensure the safety of the premise of the key energy-using enterprises to limit electricity and production.

It is understood that from the evening of September 22, a number of A-share listed companies have issued announcements that the production lines of the listed companies themselves or their subsidiaries have been temporarily shut down due to power supply tensions and in response to the local “double control of energy consumption” requirements.

In addition, several chip packaging service providers for Intel, Nvidia, and Qualcomm received notices to shut down their plants in Jiangsu Province for several days. Chang Hua Technology, a supplier of semiconductor packaging materials for NXP, Infineon, and Sunrise, also announced a work stoppage from the evening of the 26th to the end of the month.

Many places in the country to high energy-consuming enterprises to limit electricity, power restrictions spread more than 10 provinces IN CHINA

“Shandong now Yantai, Zibo two provinces (of high energy-consuming enterprises) has been blacked out, and I do not know when it will come to us.” Shandong Weifang gathered a large number of high-energy-consuming heavy industry, especially known for diesel engines, there are local manufacturers so worried.

Not only in some places in Shandong, recently, Jiangsu, Hunan, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Yunnan, and more than 10 provinces “double control of energy consumption” under the successive emergence of some power restrictions.

As of the evening of September 24, the top four provinces in terms of GDP, Yantai and Zibo in Shandong Province, Xuzhou, Huai’an, Lianyungang, Yancheng, Taizhou, Wuxi and Suzhou in Jiangsu Province, Shaoxing in Zhejiang Province, Dongguan, Foshan, Shantou and Jieyang in Guangdong Province have confirmed that they have received “power outage and production restriction” notices, involving chemical fiber, cement, textile, printing, metallurgy, petrochemical, photovoltaic and electroplating industries. Printing, metallurgy, petrochemical, photovoltaic, electroplating, and many other high energy consumption industries.

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