High and low temperature test methods for solid state disks

The high and low-temperature test is divided into two kinds of Temperature Cycle Test and Temperature Shock Test.
High and Low Temperature Tests for SSDs

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The high and low-temperature test is divided into two kinds of Temperature Cycle Test and Temperature Shock Test.

Note: "During the conversion from low temperature to high temperature, there will be a large amount of frost into water droplets, which will cause the chip pin directly short circuit, resulting in SSD burn, therefore, the SSD to be tested must be reinforced and waterproof treatment!!"

Temperature Cycle Test

The temperature cycle is set from -50°C to +90°C for 4 hours, then from +90° to -50°C for 4 hours, N cycles in turn.

The industrial temperature standard is -40°C ~ +85°C because there is usually a temperature difference in the temperature box. In order to ensure that the client does not have inconsistent test results due to temperature deviation, it is recommended to use the standard temperature difference of ±5°C for internal testing.

Test Flow

When the power is off, the temperature is lowered to -50°C for 4 hours.
It is very important not to conduct the low-temperature test in the state of power, because in the state of power, the chip itself will generate a temperature above +20°C, so, in the state of power, it is usually easier to pass the low-temperature test, it must be “frozen”, power again for testing.

After the SSD is powered on, the read/write performance of the SSD is tested and compared with that at room temperature.

Performing an aging test to see if there are any data comparison errors.

Performing a power failure test. For more, please click HERE to read another article.

The temperature is heated to +90°C for 4 hours, contrary to the low-temperature test, the temperature inside the chip is kept at a high temperature during the heating process. After 4 hours, test steps 2, 3, and 4 are performed.

The high and low-temperature tests were repeated 10 times.
If the test process does not work properly for any time, it is considered a test failure.
In the market, some people usually use commercial grade temperature products for screening and industrial use, this method has a certain potential risk, the screened products in several temperature cycles have a great probability of failure, in addition, the strict wide temperature is usually unable to pass, there may be this test through, the next test can not pass.

Temperature Shock Test

Temperature shock is a quick transition from low temperature to high temperature in just a few minutes (or a custom time), as well as from high temperature to low temperature.

The general setting is to start from low temperature and the temperature conversion time from -50°C to + 90°C is less than 3 minutes or vice versa.

During the temperature conversion process, you can always run the aging test software to observe whether data comparison errors occur during reading/writing during the rapid temperature conversion process.

Specific test standards can be referred to:
GB/T 2423.34, IEC 60068-2-38, GJB150.5, etc.


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