Highlights of A new round of US Semiconductor Export Control

New & broader export control regulations on its site restrict China's ability to acquire advanced computer chips & develop & maintain supercomputers.
Highlights of new round of US semiconductor export control

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Introduction: In an update, SWB’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has posted new and broader export control regulations on its website to restrict China’s ability to acquire advanced computer chips and develop and maintain supercomputers. and manufacture advanced semiconductors.

Yesterday, the US SWB Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) further tightened its improper crackdown on China’s chip industry to ensure the security of GJ, notably with nine new regulations, according to earlier news from the Financial Association. It contains some powerful and advanced computer chips and contains this type of chip computer products added to the trade control list to add new license requirements for the end-use of supercomputers or semiconductors in China’s development and production application and add some semiconductor manufacturing equipment and related items to the trade control list and sub-16nm in China for planar transistor junctions. New license requirements for advanced chip production facilities are added, such as logic chips or NAND flash memory chips with more than 128 layers.

In fact, US-ZF has previously repeatedly issued bans and related chip laws, including the Chip and Science Law and restrictions on affiliated companies from exporting high-end GPU power to China. But the restrictions are broader and can have a greater impact.

According to public information, the relevant rules are as follows

  1. Add certain powerful and advanced computer chips and computer products containing such chips to the Trade Control List (CCL);
  2. Add new license requirements for projects that develop or produce supercomputers or semiconductors for end use in China;
  3. Extend the application of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) to certain foreign-made advanced computing products and foreign-made supercomputer end-use products;
  4. Expand the scope of manufacturing projects in countries other than the US that require licenses to 28 existing companies in China;
  5. Add specific semiconductor manufacturing equipment and related items to CCL;
  6. Add new license requirements for China-made devices in eligible fabs. Licenses for facilities owned by Chinese companies are subject to “presumptive denial” and decisions on company-owned facilities are made on a case-by-case basis. Base related to logic chips with non-planar transistor structures (FinFET or GAAFET) with processes of 16 nm or smaller; DRAM memory chips with half-pitch not more than 18 nm; NAND flash chips with 128 or more layers;
  7. Prevent US companies from supporting the manufacture, development, or production of certain semiconductor factories in China without a license;
  8. Add new license requirements for export projects that design or produce semiconductor manufacturing equipment and related items;
  9. Establish a Temporary General License (TGL) to minimize short-term impacts on the semiconductor supply chain by allowing specific and limited manufacturing activities.

It is reported that the semiconductor manufacturing project restrictions will take effect from October 7, the support of Americans based on the development, production, and application of integrated circuit capacity restrictions of “facilities” of local Chinese semiconductor manufacturing will be in October effective 12, Computing and Super Advanced Computer Control and other rule updates effective October 21.

The updated export controls would target Chinese companies in a number of ways, including restricting US companies from exporting critical chipmaking tools to China and restricting US citizens and companies from manufacturing any form of semiconductors directly or to support indirectly. Plants in China.

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