How to check if your computer has an SSD or HDD?

How can you check whether the computer's hard drive is a solid-state drive or a mechanical hard drive?
How to check if your computer has SSD or HDD

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Two days ago, a friend asked me if he didn’t understand some parameters when buying a computer, such as the distinction between a solid-state drive and a mechanical hard drive. He heard that the laptop he was setting up was a 512G solid state drive, but for fear of poor quality, he didn’t know where to see if the underside was a solid state drive or not.

Today I will explain to you in detail what the hard drive is ultimately supposed to do, the difference between a solid-state drive and a mechanical hard drive, and how you can check whether the hard drive in the computer is a solid-state drive or a hard drive mechanical hard drive is?

The Hard Drive / Hard Disk

The hard drive is the most important storage device in a computer and stores all of the user’s files and data. As shown below, these drive characters are our local computer’s hard drive:


Hard drives fall into two main categories: solid-state drives and mechanical hard drives.

  • Solid State Disk or Solid State Drive (SSD for short), also known as Solid State Drive, is a hard drive consisting of a series of electronic solid-state memory chips.
  • The Mechanical hard disk drive (HDD for short) is a traditional common hard disk drive, mainly composed of: a platter, magnetic head, disk spindle and drive motor, magnetic head controller, data converter, interface, cache, and other parts.

The differences between SSD & HDD


The performance of the solid state drive is to lift the mechanical hard drive, the reading and writing speed of the solid state drive is much faster than that of the mechanical hard drive. do not break.


Solid-state drives are lighter and lighter in weight. Is it better to focus or be light? Cell phones, for example, used to weigh more than bricks and couldn’t be carried in a pocket. Smartphones now weigh just over 100 grams. What do you prefer?


For mechanical hard drives to work, they must be spun at high speeds, which inevitably generates noise and heat. However, solid-state drives have no mechanical parts or flash memory chips, so they generate less heat and dissipate heat quickly. They also have no mechanical motor or fan and are completely silent and silent.

💡Power Consumption

Solid-state drives are less functional than mechanical hard drives in terms of loss of functionality.

How to check if this computer’s hard drive is SSD or HDD

Step 1: Press the “Win+R” key at the same time to open the run box as shown below:


Step 2: Type “compmgmt.msc” in the Run box and click OK:


Step 3: Go to the computer management page, and click “Disk Management” on it, you can see there are two disks 0 and 1 in this computer as shown below:


Step 4: Select the hard drive with your mouse, right-click it and click [Properties] in the pop-up drop-down list, as shown below:


Step 5: Go to the hard drive property page, you can see the hard drive model name as shown in the image below. The name word “SSD” means a solid state drive, if not, it’s a mechanical drive:


Words in the end

That’s all about today’s solid state and mechanical hard drives and a little advice for you. The computer is the best cost-effective location and is part of the solid-state hard drive with part of the mechanical hard drive, not necessarily all the pursuit of the solid-state hard drive (except FAT CAT). Because most of the time we still store a lot of data on our computers and rarely use them, in which case a mechanical hard drive is fine, but a solid state drive is a bit like a flak device: overkill and not profitable.

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