How to meet the demand for medical data storage and security in smart healthcare

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Based on new-generation information technology, network technology, and other innovative technologies, smart medical care has significantly improved the efficiency of the medical system and the quality of medical services by connecting patients with medical personnel, medical institutions, and medical equipment, establishing a regional medical information platform for health records, and using Internet of Things technology to reach informatization. And it allows patients to complete the complex processes of booking, registration, payment, and report inquiries in traditional medical care through simple operations on smartphones, greatly enhancing the patient experience.

With the development of medical intelligence and informatization, the data generated by major medical units are growing in huge volume. The increasing variety and volume of data such as structured data (e.g. databases) and unstructured data (e.g. digital images, reports, videos, presentations, etc.), long-term storage of medical data, efficient consultation due to 5G networks, telemedicine, and the need for data security and protection against ransomware pose new challenges to smart medical systems.

For this reason, various solutions such as software-defined storage for massive data, stratified storage, unified storage, hyper-convergence, all-flash arrays, AI resource management integration, and optical-magnetic converged archiving have emerged to provide data storage and protection functions for healthcare systems with different needs, and work together with AI platforms to improve healthcare quality and experience.

The software-defined storage solution meets the three major requirements of permanent storage of massive warm data, data can be extracted at any time, and capacity can be expanded in parallel. It can also be used for AI platforms to pre-process intelligent data screening and integrate with the mainstream Kubernetes AI task management platform through the Container Storage Interface (CSI Plugin) to achieve the goal of working with AI platforms. To meet the needs of AI machine learning platforms on the use of training data, in order to achieve the early detection of disease, early prevention, and early treatment.

With the requirement of keeping medical records for up to 15 or even 30 years, the backup tools designed for long-term storage of cold data in traditional healthcare solutions not only take a long time to restore data but also do not facilitate data reuse. The above IT/medical system covers the complete data lifecycle, using file version control and WORM (Write Once Read Many) technologies to protect data from the beginning of its creation, recording all data changes while ensuring data integrity and security, and significantly reducing data restoration time. With Blu-ray library archiving for management, it can directly solve data storage and backup needs.

In order to meet the needs of writing, reading, and using data in the smart medical system, SSDs are used as data storage, the system boot disk, and cache disk in the above solutions. On the one hand, the traditional mechanical hard disk is inadequate in terms of performance, durability, structure, shock, and pressure resistance, which will greatly reduce the smoothness of the entire system, and on the other hand, because the mechanical hard disk cannot achieve the flexibility and customization required by the solution in terms of software and firmware, and cannot achieve targeted optimization.

SSDs with NAND Flash as the core component is better able to cope with the above scenarios due to their advantages in 4K random read/write and sequential read/write performance, structural design features, and customizable firmware. It is more capable of handling risks such as shock and vibration resistance in complex application environments. And the BGA SSD with better volume control can provide more internal device space redundancy for medical components, simplifying medical device design difficulties. With PCIe Gen4, enterprise-class SSD applications that are designed for big data applications can better cope with the massive data impact of smart healthcare in terms of transfer speed and response latency.

In the face of harsh medical environments filled with radioactivity, radiation interference, and high temperatures, SSDs can be customized to enhance protection features in terms of static electricity, electromagnetic interference, and electromagnetic sensitivity with the help of exclusive hardware and firmware customization. To avoid the failure of the medical system by interference, protect data security, and thus protect the personal health of patients.

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