Knowledge Sharing: Details of The USB 3.0 Specification

From the following points: Transmission Speed, Data Transmission, Power Supply, Power Management, and Physical Appearance.
USB history

Table of Contents

transmission speed

The actual transfer rate of the USB3.0 ultra-fast interface is about 3.2Gbps (400MB/S). The theoretical maximum speed is 5Gbps (625MB/S).

USB Evolution speeds
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data transmission

USB3.0 introduces full-duplex data transmission. Two of the five wires are used to send data, two are used to receive data, and one is ground. In other words, USB 3.0 can synchronize read and write operations at full speed. Previous USB versions did not support complete duplex data transfer.

USB 3.0 Pinout
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Power Supply

The load on the power supply has been increased to 150 mA (USB 2.0 is around 100 mA), and configured devices can be raised to 900 mA. That’s 80 percent higher than USB 2.0 and faster to charge. In addition, the minimum operating voltage of USB 3.0 is reduced from 4.4 volts to 4 volts, which is even more power-saving.

USB power standard

power management

Instead of device polling, USB 3.0 uses the interrupt driver protocol. Thus, the standby device does not consume power until there is an interrupt request for data transmission. In short, USB 3.0 supports standby, sleep, and pause states.

physical appearance

The above specification will also be reflected in the physical appearance of USB 3.0. USB 3.0, however, has thicker cables because it has four more internal cables than USB 2.0. However, this port is a drawback of USB 3.0. It contains additional connected devices.


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