LPDDR5/LPDDR5X mass-produced with a single-bit DQ of 10Gbps

Innosilicon announced that it has taken the lead in breaking through 10Gbps(10,000GB) and mass-produced the world's fastest LPDDR5/5X/DDR5

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Innosilicon announced that it has taken the lead in breaking through 10Gbps(10,000GB) and mass-produced the world's fastest LPDDR5/5X/DDR5 IP one-stop solution with an advanced FinFet process, which is more than 50% higher than the previous best LPDDR5 6.4Gbps. At present, this technical solution has been applied to intelligent chip CPU/GPU/NPU high-performance computing, auto automatic driving, mobile terminal, and other high-performance fields, further breaking the "memory wall", and with the advantages of ultra-low power consumption, compact size, compatible with multiple protocols, can be compatible with DRAM memory manufacturers in the next five years of development.
10Gbps Eye Diagram
The measured waveform of Innosilicon LPDDR5X on long-distance PCB board: single-bit DQ 10Gbps

Compared with LPDDR5, LPDDR5X can increase the speed by 17% and reduce the delay by 15%, which is very suitable for 5G communication, automotive high-resolution AR/V, AI edge computing, and other application scenarios.

Gbps Data Transfer Rate

The Innosilicon technology took the lead in completing the LPDDR5/5X/DDR5 IP design and mass production validation. For the first time in the ordinary PCB long distance, the memory particle access rate of more than 10Gbps has been achieved, and the full coverage of mass production validation has been completed on 5/7nm, 12/14nm, and other advanced processes.

In addition, Innosilicon also provides PHY physical layer, a Controller Controller one-stop packaging solution, which can shorten the development cycle and reduce the development cost.

10Gbps Eye Diagram1
10Gbps Eye Diagram 2


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