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The power supply, insufficient battery voltage on the mainboard, incorrect disk parameters, and Problems caused by corrupted hard disk 0 tracks.
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The hard disk fails to start due to the power supply

The computer power supply output voltage is +5V and +12V respectively. The hard disk starts with A voltage of +12V and A current of 4A. The current of the hard disk is 1.1A. The floppy disk only needs around +10V voltage and 1.3A current to start, while the operating current is 0.5A. If the output voltage of the computer power supply is less than +12V, the hard disk cannot start and work. To deal with this problem, restore the power output to +12V voltage.

The hard disk fails to start due to insufficient battery voltage on the mainboard

This is the main board rechargeable battery failure caused by the host parameters disorder caused by the problem. The rechargeable battery on the motherboard (generally lithium battery) is used to save the machine clock, date, the number and type of floppy disk drive, the number and type of hard disk, display mode, memory capacity, expansion capacity, and other system parameters when the main switch off. When power-on self-check is performed, the BIOS automatically checks the parameter table in the CMOS. If the parameter table does not match, the system freezes. The working voltage of the lithium battery is +3V ~ +6V. If the battery voltage is less than +3V or the battery fails, the hard disk cannot be identified.

The hard disk cannot be started due to incorrect disk parameters

Disk parameters include disk capacity, number of magnetic heads, number of tracks, and number of sectors. The parameter values of hard disks produced by different manufacturers are different. If the disk parameter values are incorrect, the disk cannot be started. In this case, reset the value of the number of magnetic heads, tracks, and sectors of the hard disk. The mode is as follows: start the device and wait for the self-test to start. Press DEL to enter the CMOS SETUP setting state. Then, set the parameters in COMS by selecting the TYPE item in the STANDARD CMOS SETUP column and filling in the correct TYPE value. General motherboards have a hard disk self-detection function. Go to the CMOS SETUP SETUP menu and select IDE HDD AUTO DETECTION.

Problems caused by corrupted hard disk 0 tracks

The operating system is placed on track 0 of the hard disk. If track 0 of the hard disk is physically damaged, the hard disk will not work. The general repair method is: first of all, as far as possible to the hard disk useful files, data backup. Due to the destruction of the hard disk 0 track, the data and files in the hard disk cannot be backed up in the normal way. Then do formatting to the whole hard disk, and then use FDISK to repartition the hard disk, and finally use FORMAT to make logical formatting to the hard disk, install DOS operating system and related files, data.

If the above repair methods are not effective, use the antivirus disk to start and remove the virus, and then use A: system disk to start and scan disk C. If A red B appears in the first cluster, it indicates zero track damage. Then use DE in TOOLS 9.0 (the software can see the starting point of each partition in the hard disk), run de.exe in the T90 directory of the computer, and report that it is now running in read-only mode. Choose options menu →Configuration. Press space to remove Read-Only Radic; Save the Settings and exit. Select main menu Select→Drive; Enter Drive Type →Physical, press space to select, then press TTAB to switch to Drives, select HardDisk, and press OK to press Enter. After that, go back to the main menu and open the Select menu. Partition Table will appear. The partition starts from the 0 Cylinder of the hard disk, so change the 0 of the Beginning Cylinder of the partition to 1 to save and exit. Restart, press the Delete key to enter CMOS Settings, IDE HDD AUTO DETECTION(you can also see that the number of CYLS becomes less)”, save and exit, then repartition the hard disk, format, and install the corresponding software can be.

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