Prices of consumer SSDs are expected to decline 3-8% in the third quarter, of 2022

Consumer SSDs prices are expected to fall 3-8% in the third quarter due to a NAND oversupply, based on a report from a market analyst - TrendForce.

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Solid-state drives (SSDs) are essential hardware for gaming platforms, with high read and write speeds that allow file loading speeds to increase dramatically. Without SSDS, you would be embarrassed to call yourself a game console. The good news for gamers this week is that SSDS are coming down in price. Consumer solid-state drive prices are expected to fall 3-8% in the third quarter due to a NAND oversupply, according to a report from market analyst firm TrendForce.

Of course, the drawback of SSDs is that they have a high price, so gamers will be happy to see a lower price.

NAND Flash Product Pricing Forecast, 2Q22-3Q22

From the price point of view, SATA channel and NVMe solid-state disk prices tend to be flat, mainly NVMe SSD cost decreased, while SATA solid-state disk cost has not decreased, making the two prices close, in this case, we recommend you to choose NVMe solid-state disk, you can enjoy a faster speed.

Currently, the price of SSD has basically dropped to 0.6CNY/GB, and the price of SSD with more than 1TB capacity has dropped to 0.5CNY/GB. According to the forecast trend, SSD price will fall to 0.5CNY/GB in the second half of the year, which means that the price of a 1TB SSD will drop by 50CNY or so.

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So the conclusion is simple: If you want to buy a 1T SSD or larger capacity, you can wait for the price to come down in the third quarter, but it will also be affected by specific products. The price reduction of popular SSDs may be small, and the price reduction will be concentrated on niche products with fewer shipments. If you want to buy a 500GB or less product, you can get it at amazon’s sale price without waiting for the price to drop.


Players need to note that the choice of SSD can not be cheap, although there is now less than 0.5CNY/GB SSD, it does not have the original NAND Flash, the use of recycled second-hand flash, lifespan is worried, even if the business can provide a warranty for new, but you can not find the lost data.

And it is important to note that if you have very important data that cannot be lost, involves to security and confidentiality is not in the cloud, suggest or in mechanical hard disk backup, avoid the SSD accidental damage cause data loss, because the SSD particle damage after almost impossible to find, and as long as mechanical hard disk platters can retrieve data without damage.


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