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Because Windows doesn't provide any built-in tools for disk cloning, users can choose to use specific third-party programs, such as Acronis True Image

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How can you easilyclone an SSD?  Because Windows does not provide any built-in tools for disk cloning, users can choose to u se certain third-party programs, such as Acronis True Image.
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Whether you’re upgrading to a larger drive or want better performance, cloning your current drive to an SSD is an excellent way to do it.  Some people assume that you can boot from SSD by copying drive C to SSD. In fact, this approach may not work and will most likely cause the computer to fail to boot, indicating that the boot device cannot be found.  So how can you quickly and easily clone to an SSD?  Because Windows does not provide any built-in tools for disk cloning, users can choose to use certain third-party programs, such as Acronis True Image. 

Acronis True Image is an integrated application that allows you to clone base drives (MBR and GPT) to other drives, even if the target drive has different capacities.  The process is simple and data can be migrated seamlessly.  For Acronis True Image 2017 or earlier, clone from Acronis bootable media.
 However, starting with Acronis True Image 2018, you can clone directly without bootable media.  In addition to disk cloning, the program also has disk backup, partition backup and disk restore functions.  Its latest version is Acronis True Image 2021.

This section uses Acronis True Image 2019 as an example to describe how to clone Acronis True Image 2019 to SSD.  You can perform the following steps.

STEP 1: Connect the SSD to the computer.  Make sure it can be detected.  Launch the program to click Tools and Clone Disk.


STEP 2: Select Automatic (recommended) or manual cloning mode.  Then click Next.

 * Automatic: Partitions will be scaled to fit your target drive.
 * Manual: Change the disk partition layout as needed.


STEP 3: Select the drive to be cloned.  Then click Next.  


STEP 4: Select SSD as the target drive and click Next.  


STEP 5: In the exclude options step, specify files and folders that you do not want to clone.  

STEP 6: In the Done step, ensure that the configuration settings are appropriate for your needs.  Then click Continue.  

STEP 7: Wait for the process to complete.  The program will then notify you of the next steps to take.  



●This program cannot be used to clone dynamic disks.  

● Note that in Windows, cloned drives will not have drive letters.  When you start a new device from this drive, a drive letter is automatically assigned.  When using Acronis True Image to clone to a smaller SSD, make sure the target drive has enough capacity to fit the contents of the source drive.  

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