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Samsung Has Launched The Industry’s First 24Gbps GDDR6 DRAM, Using The 1z nm Process

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Samsung Electronics announced on July 14th, 2022 that it has started offering the industry’s first 16Gb GDDR6 DRAM with 24Gbps processing speed. The new memory is based on Samsung’s third-generation 10nm (1z) process and uses extreme Ultraviolet light (EUV) technology, designed to significantly enhance the graphics performance of next-generation graphics cards, laptops, and games, as well as AI-based applications and high-performance computing systems.

Samsung 24Gbps GDDR6 DRAM
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The Samsung 24GBbps GDDR6 uses an innovative circuit design and highly advanced insulation (HKMG) to minimize current leakage and increase speed by 30% compared to previous 18Gbps products. When integrated into high-end graphics cards, GDDR6 DRAM can transfer up to 1.1 TERabytes of data in a second, or about 275 full-HD movies.

Samsung GDDR6 DRAM is fully compliant with JEDEC specifications and will be compatible with all GPU designs. Samsung’s new GDDR6 line will also feature low-power options that help extend the battery life of laptops. Using dynamic voltage switching (DVS) technology that adjusts operating voltages according to performance requirements, Samsung will offer 20Gbps and 16Gpbs versions with approximately 20% improved energy efficiency at 1.1V compared to the 1.35V GDDR6 industry standard.

With customer validation starting this month, Samsung plans to commercialize 24Gbps GDDR6 DRAM to coincide with the launch of the GPU platform, thus accelerating graphics innovation across the high-speed computing market.


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