Pollution Of The Environment By Waste Electronic Components

New e-products come out, many people will choose to throw away old ones. If the e-waste thrown away isn't properly handled, it'll cause great harm.

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Nowadays, with the rapid development of society, all kinds of high-tech products like bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerge from the market, among which electronic products are the most.  Although so many electronic products are convenient for people’s life, they are updated fast. As soon as the new electronic products come out, many people will choose to throw away the old products.  Usually, if the electronic waste thrown away is not properly handled, it will cause great harm. Today, the author will tell you about the harm of electronic waste. 


What is an “electronic component”

First of all, electronic components are the basis of electronic products. It is essential to learn and master electronic technology to understand the types, structures, and properties of commonly used electronic components and to choose them correctly. Commonly used electronic components are: resistance, capacitance, inductance, potentiometer, transformer, transistor, diode, IC, etc., in terms of installation methods, can be divided into the traditional installation (also known as the through-hole installation that is DIP) and surface installation of two categories (also known as SMT or SMD).

Before we talk about the dangers of e-waste, let’s take a look at what e-waste is. E-waste refers to electronic and electrical equipment that is thrown away and no longer used, such as mobile phones, computers, remote controls, batteries, etc. Having said that, let’s take a look at the dangers of e-waste.

What is “e-waste”

Electronic component waste is commonly known as “electronic waste” electronic waste is not only large and serious harm. Television tubes contain explosive waste, cathode-ray tubes, solder on printed circuit boards and plastic casings are all toxic. And the computer is more powerful, making a computer requires more than 700 kinds of chemical raw materials, of which more than 50% are harmful to the human body. According to experts, the average amount of lead in a computer monitor alone is more than 1 kilogram. If the electronic waste is simply treated by a traditional landfill or incineration, the damage to the environment and soil is inestimable.

Environmental pollution caused by “e-waste”

➡️environmental pollution

For the processing of waste electronic products, usually many people will choose to burn, because this method is very simple, and it won’t cause any big impact, yes, incineration is the safest and most effective treatment method, but it also has a bad place, is to be burned electronic products will produce some harmful gases, these gases, and vapors, will be serious air pollution and the environment.

➡️Soil Groundwater Pollution

It says that some people will throw the waste electronic products into the garbage can, and when the garbage is thrown away, the sanitation workers will take the garbage to the recycling truck, and the car will take the garbage to an empty place in the field and bury it. After a long time, the heavy metals in the landfill will seep into the soil and pollute the river below.

The harm of “e-waste” to human beings

➡️cause disease

In daily life, not to small electronic products, some people may be thrown into the trash can, this is wrong, if the trash can, basically won’t someone taking out the trash, then throw in e-waste will synthesize the toxic gas in the body, such as lead, it can damage nerves, blood system, affect the infant brain development, It can even make people sick.

➡️High radiation is harmful to health

At present, electronic products on the market, no matter what type, all have radiation, if you use them for a long time, they will cause certain harm to your body, what are the specific hazards? This is different from person to person, after all, everyone’s constitution is different, but there is more common, is the body’s metabolic dysfunction.


Above all is the author of “what are the dangers of electronic waste” solutions, believe that everyone has understood after the finish, here, the author reminds everybody, be sure to keep in mind that in this paper, several harms, in life do not litter, the burning of electronic waste, a maybe, these hazards will follow to you, remember!

Our Mission

As a manufacturer of NAND storage products, we always keep in mind and practice environmental protection.

  1. Production of raw materials ensures the production of lead-free products. And optimize the E-Waste management for all raw materials.
  2. Improve the production process, ensure the qualified rate of products is higher than the market, and save unnecessary resources.
  3. With the improvement of product quality and the extension of service life, users can use the product for a longer time to avoid the generation of electronic waste.
  4. Simplification of product packaging. (Try to suggest customers use mass packaging, reduce unnecessary packaging, and give the earth a little more green)
  5. Use a paperless office.

Please let us protect our home and planet together! If you have any good suggestions, please leave your comments here, and let’s talk about them.


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