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SATA3 SSD and M.2, which will be your best choices?

When selecting SSDs, Choosing a suitable SSD is very important. The SSDs with the Sata3 interface has cost-effective performance, and the SSDs with the M.2 interface is more suitable for users with high-speed requirements.

M.2 is a new interface of solid-state hard disk and a new interface specification instead of MSATA introduced by Intel, that is, the full name of NGFF, which we often mentioned before, Full name is Next Generation Form Factor.

The main advantage of the M.2 interface solid-state disk is that it has a smaller size, faster-reading speed, and better compatibility for some mobile devices than traditional SATA3.0 and MSATA.

Currently, there are three kinds of interfaces commonly used in solid-state hard disk (SSD).

  1. The SATA3- form factor is the standard size of a 2.5-inch hard drive and is interchangeable with a 2.5-inch mechanical hard drive.
  2. The size of the mSATA- the interface is the same as that of the built-in wireless network card in the laptop, but the size of the mSATA SSD is larger than that of the wireless network card.
  3. M2-initially known as NGFF interface, is a new interface in the past two years, specially designed for ultra-small size, using PCI-E channel, smaller and faster.

It is worth mentioning that M2 interface solid-state disk is divided into SATA and PCI-E, although they look the same, the performance is very poor, also, some motherboard M2 interface does not necessarily support it, so when buying M2 solid-state disk, you also need to know the interface compatibility.

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