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SSD vs HDD? advantages & disadvantages

Now SSD has become our first choice for installation because it has obvious advantages in speed compared with HDD. For computers with the same configuration, there is a great difference between the mechanical hard disk and solid-state hard disk at boot time. HDD takes more than 30 seconds, while SSD takes about 10 seconds.
There are also obvious advantages of copying software or loading programs.
So do friends know what are the advantages and disadvantages of solid-state drives compared with mechanical hard drives?


Different from the complex structure of the mechanical hard disk, the structure of the solid-state hard disk is very simple, which is composed of a PCB board, a control chip placed on the PCB board, a cache chip, and a flash memory chip and capacitor for storing data. So solid-state drives have lighter construction, which can further reduce the weight of computers.

Compared with the mechanical hard disk, the data transmission speed of the solid-state hard disk will be faster. The solid-state hard disk uses flash memory as the storage medium, so it does not need to seek the magnetic head, so it is much better than the mechanical hard disk in data writing, especially random read and writes. Compared with the mechanical hard disk, the average seek time of the solid-state hard disk is 12: 14 milliseconds, the solid-state hard disk can achieve about 0.1 milliseconds.

We all know that mechanical hard drives are afraid of collisions, especially in the process of use can be said to be fatal.
The solid-state hard disk has no mechanical parts, so the impact of collision and flipping on the hard disk can be reduced to a minimum.
Also because there are no mechanical parts, the solid-state hard drive does not make noise when it is working.

Solid-state disk (SSD) has the advantages of a lightweight, high speed, shock resistance and mute, but no product can be perfect. SSDs have many advantages, but they also have disadvantages, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, the possibility of recovering data after a solid-state disk failure is zero. The structure of the solid-state hard disk leads to failure, basically can not recover the data, the mechanical hard disk damage or failure, the possibility of data recovery is very great. Therefore, when using solid-state drives, we must make a good backup of the data, especially some important data.

2, Although, after years of development, the price of SSDs is now much cheaper, it is undeniable that the unit price of SSDs per GB is still much higher than that of mechanical drives per GB. I believe that after a few years of development, the price of SSDs will certainly come down.

3, the service life of SSDs, which is one of the important reasons why many people insist on not using SSDs. The number of erasable flash memory chips is relatively fixed, such as SLC type flash memory, theoretical erasable times can be up to 10000 times, but the price of this type of flash memory chip is also the highest; MLC type flash memory cost is low, but the theoretical erasable times is only 3000 times; the lowest cost is TLC type flash memory, but theoretically the number of erasable times is only 500 times 1000 times, which is now the commonly used flash type of solid-state disk on the market. Although major manufacturers are working hard to develop new technologies to extend the life of solid-state drives.

Although there are still many shortcomings, the experience it can bring to us is much better than that of the mechanical hard disk.
So we are wondering whether we want to experience faster computers or recommend solid-state drives.
The mechanical hard disk can be used as our data warehouse disk.
This not only ensures the running speed of the computer but also takes into account the security and capacity of the data.

Anyway If you have any technical queries, welcome to disguss together~

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