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What are the advantages of using SSDs for industrial computers?

In the early stage of the industrial computer industry, the hard disk of industrial computer was a mechanical hard disk, but with the progress of science and technology, the solid-state hard disk came out and replaced it with a faster speed than the mechanical hard disk, now the basic industrial computer will be equipped with the solid-state hard disk. So what are the advantages of using SSDs in industrial computers?

Fast Reading Speed

The read speed of solid-state disks can reach 400MB/s and the write speed can reach more than 130MB/s. The read and write speed of solid-state disks is 3-5 times that of ordinary mechanical disks. If you choose a suitable SSD according to the CPU parameters, the processing speed will be greatly improved.

No magnetic head is not afraid of vibration

Mechanical hard disk internal high-speed running head, its seismic capacity is very poor, once collision or violent vibration, mechanical hard disk is easy to damage. Solid-state disks use chip storage solutions, with no internal magnetic head, even when used in motion or vibration, it is not easy to damage, so many industrial computer hard disks in harsh application environments will choose solid-state disks.

Lower power consumption and no noise

SSDs consume low power while mechanical drives consume high power. In the same operating environment, SSDs can hardly hear any noise. However, the disk rotation and vibration inside mechanical drives can make a loud noise, and the noise becomes more obvious the longer they are used.

No heat, low requirements for heat dissipation

SSD calorific value is low, even for a long time, its surface also feels obvious fever, and mechanical hard disk operation after a period of time, heat will be better, in the case of heat dissipation design is not science, it is easy to cause the temperature is too high, damage to the hard disk and may affect the CPU and other components, industrial computer hard disk usually cooperate with low power consumption CPU usage, So solid-state drives are more popular.


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