What are the Application Fields of Industrial 3D Printers?

Industrial Manufacturing, Applications for industrial 3D printers, Industrial 3D printers, Heritage Conservation, Aerospace Engineering.
3D Industrial Printers

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Now there are more and more applications for industrial 3D printers. Specific application areas include:

Industrial Manufacturing

Product concept design, prototype making, product review, functional verification; Making mold prototypes or directly printing molds, directly printing products, 3D printed small unmanned aircraft, small cars and other conceptual products have been published, 3D printed models of household appliances, are also used in corporate publicity, marketing activities.

Cultural Creativity and Digital Entertainment

An artistic expression carrier with complex shapes and structures and special materials. Science fiction films use 3D printing to shape some characters and props. 3D-printed violins are close to state-of-the-art.

Aerospace Engineering

Direct manufacturing of parts and mechanisms of complex shape, adequate size, and unique properties.


Artificial bones, teeth, prosthetics, etc.

Consumer Goods

Jewelry, clothing, footwear, toys, creative DIY design, and manufacturing.

Building Engineering

Building model wind dynamic test and effect display, building engineering and construction (AEC) simulation.

Education Industry

Models verify scientific hypotheses and are used for experiments and teaching in different disciplines. In some middle schools, general colleges, and military academies in the United States, 3D printers have been used for teaching and research.

The Science

Researchers at Drexel University in the US scanned the fossil and used 3D printing technology to create a 3D model that retained all the features of the original fossil but was scaled down to make it more suitable for study.

Heritage Conservation

Museums often use sophisticated substitutes to protect original works from the environment or accidents, while reproductions can help spread the influence of art or artifacts to more and more people.

Food Industry

Researchers are already trying to print chocolate, and it’s possible that in the near future, many foods that look exactly the same will be “printed” using a food 3D printer, although artificial foods may be many times more expensive by then.

Personalized Customization

Network-based data download, e-commerce personalized printing customization services.

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