What is NVMe and Its Features?

NVMe is a standard interface protocol for PCIe with low delay, low energy consumption, & high performance. All common OS are supported.
What's NVMe & Its Features

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Solid state drives are notoriously faster read and write speeds than mechanical hard drives. Most computers today use the SATA bus standard, with an actual maximum transfer rate of around 600 MB/s. The actual transfer speed of SSDs with PCIe bus and NVMe protocol is over 1000 MB/s. What exactly is NVMe? The next DiskMFR for you is to introduce some NVMe knowledge.

▮ What is NVMe?

  1. NVMe is a standard interface protocol for PCIe.
  2. Removes all the limitations of the old standard on SSDs.
  3. All common operating systems are supported.
  4. Good scalability.
  5. It has the advantages of low delay, low energy consumption, and high performance.

The traditional AHCI protocol is widely compatible but does not provide the best performance when used with SSDs connected via PCIe buses. NVMe takes full advantage of the low latency and concurrency of PCIe SSDs while considering platform and processor capacity. Architecture to maximize SSD performance.

▮ The history of NVMe

The NVMe1.0 standard was released in March 2011 and was developed in collaboration with over 100 members of the NVMe Specification Organization (Intel, Dell, Samsung, Micron, etc.). Version 1.1 was released in October 2012. In May 2017, the NVMe Specification Organization officially released the latest version of NVMe Version 1.3, almost three years after version 1.2 was released in November 2014. In the latest version 1.3, new features such as device self-test, boot partition, virtualization, host control, and heat dissipation management are included, which theoretically improves the SSD performance.

Number ONE: NVMe is a kind of interface protocol, that does not refer to the interface, the so-called agreement is some rules, such as B. another road in life can be seen as a different interface when walking a road according to the rules of the road, so it is the same that pedestrians, bicycles, cars can walk, the normal road speed is much higher;

Number TWO: the NVMe standard is for PCI-E solid state drives, how to understand it, we know that the computer’s processor is the central processing unit, and all program instructions are executed by the processor, is PCI-E a green channel that deals directly with the processor, so PCI-E SSDs are essentially SSDs that can talk directly to the processor, which means they can be faster;

Number THREE: In addition to the highway green lane capabilities, NVMe also has an ultra-wide lane, which means more data can be processed at once, not only faster but also more charged.

Number FOUR: Another important feature is the very low power consumption. In this case, low energy consumption does not mean saving fuel, but control of energy consumption thanks to comprehensive management capabilities. Because it works very quickly, as soon as there is no data, let the staff immediately enter a sleep state, no data for a long time, and leave immediately. For tablets and laptops, the battery life can be significantly extended.

By introducing NVMe above, we all know what NVMe is and what its features are. I hope this article is helpful to you.


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