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Win11 official version released soon!How to choose SSD?

Preparation for Reading: DiskMFR/YUNZE all the original Nand Flash used in the whole series, understanding the solid-state hard disk, certainly know the original Nand Flash

In October, Windows 11 will be officially released, and there are many changes and upgrades in Windows 11. Compared to the previous generation, the most conspicuous change in Windows 11 is that the taskbar and Start menu, which have been in use for 20 years, have once again been adjusted by Microsoft: the default alignment has been changed from left-justified to centered, and the Start menu has been changed from a tile to a grid.

Windows 11 start centered

Although the minimum configuration of windows 11 does not seem to be very high, users who have used windows should know that if they just meet the minimum configuration, the overall experience of the computer is certainly not NVMe drives are preferred! Good as it should be, and for the system, the most huge improvement is the hard disk, the installation of a solid state drive will allow the computer to get a huge increase in response speed.

Windows 11 Minimum System Requirements

NVMe drives are preferred!

If it’s a new computer installed in the past two years, it basically has an M.2 slot that supports the NVMe protocol, and the fast read/write speed of NVMe will definitely make Windows 11 run better. The M.2 interface is also suitable for notebook users.

Speed Test by CrystalDiskMark for DiskMFR/YUNZE 1TBNVMe SSD

2.5″ SATA SSD – essential for upgrading old computers

Many older computers also want to upgrade to Windows 11, but hard drive performance is already a bottleneck. So how should you choose a solid-state drive? Half of the older computers use 2.5 or 3.5″ SATA hard drives, and the SC001 from DiskMFR/YUNZE is available in a SATA 2.5″ version. It can serve the old computer better.

DiskMFR 2.5inch SATA3 SSD
DiskMFR 2.5inch SATA3 SSD with high speed & stable performance

DiskMFR/YUNZE Solid State Drive Quality Assurance

DiskMFR/YUNZE all use the original Nand Flash, understand the solid hard disk, certainly know the original particles, the original Nand flash is basically a symbol of quality, using the original Nand Flash of hard disk problems are often the least, stability is often the best. So, buy DiskMFR/YUNZE solid-state drive is also a solid foundation for long-term use.

With the advent of Windows 11, the system brings comprehensive changes, and many changes are more modern and convenient, so it is recommended that all interested parties can install and experience the new system. If the system is lagging, be sure to check if you are still using an old mechanical hard drive. It is still important to look for the right solid-state and whether it is the original particle. Well, will you pick the right solid-state drive for Windows 11?

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