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With the maturity and advancement of 5G technology, AIoT applications are commonly promoted, intelligence has entered a high-speed development stage, and high bandwidth and low latency have accelerated the historical process of Industry 4.0.

In this context, [email protected] has launched a series of products to transform the traditional production model into an intelligent, customized, and service-oriented production method through AIoT; integrate existing production resources, sales channels, and big data to build a new manufacturing industry that can quickly meet market demand and reduce cost waste, thus achieving the goal of fully automated intelligent production.

However, with the advancement of the intelligent process, the associated increase in arithmetic and storage demand, the high temperature, high humidity, vibration, and illegal power outages that accompany the intelligent manufacturing market require storage devices to match the technical means to ensure the normal operation of the devices, in addition to the need to import CCTV monitoring systems to grasp the understanding of the working status of the devices in real-time and to anticipate and solve potential risk problems in advance. YuanCun industrial SSD is dedicated to high-end applications and has been deeply engaged in the industrial field for many years. The top technical team, professional sales engineers, and the service concept of quality first, the application first and customer first will surely make YuanCun the best partner for the new generation of Industry 4.0 application industry.

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For industrial applications, DiskMFR’s professional design makes our products robust, reliable, and long-lasting under harsh and even extreme conditions.

Wide Temperature Operating Environment

From PCB design, raw material selection (main control, memory particles to other small components), production testing, QC quality control, and other comprehensive control, to ensure that the product can continue to work efficiently in -20 ~ 75 ° C and ~ 40 ~ 85 ° C indoor or outdoor temperature extremes, as stable as a mountain.

Power Loss Protection PLP

As we all know, many industrial environments often encounter power instability or sudden power failure, which poses a great threat to the continuous transmission and security of data. To avoid data loss due to sudden power failure, the Power Loss Protection (PLP) function of DiskMFR Storage products came into being to solve the related troubles of customers. Normally, data is stored in DRAM first to enhance the performance of SSD. However, since DRAM is volatile storage, data will be lost after a period of power supply, therefore, in case of illegal power failure, data will be lost or even destroyed in time to be stored in SSD, which will affect the integrity of equipment data or even cause a major failure. DiskMFR Storage uses high-capacity tantalum capacitors, which will charge the capacitors when the hard drive is working normally, and once the power goes out in an emergency when the voltage drops to a specified value, the tantalum capacitors will release the currency to the hard drive circuit in the opposite direction, writing the data on the DRAM into the NAND intact, ensuring data integrity and avoiding problems with the machine and equipment.

Coatings Protection

Coating protection is very common in industrial applications. In order to resist the erosion of dust, moisture, and chemicals, the surface of DiskMFR storage products can be coated with a layer of tri-proof paint to protect PCB circuits and components from damage, ensuring that hard drives and equipment work properly in harsh environments and improving the reliability of products.

Writing Protection

In the specific production process of industrial manufacturing, many equipment programs are pre-adjusted by engineers, and operators only need to operate the equipment as required. In order to avoid human errors affecting the normal work of the equipment, the data inside the hard disk needs to be protected, and unauthorized personnel is not allowed to operate it. The write protection program of YuanCun products was born accordingly, ensuring the security of data and the reliability of the equipment.

In addition, DiskMFR industrial hard drives support Secure Erase, AES 128/256 Encryption, and even customized feature services.

Conclusion: With the development of Industry 4.0, the future manufacturing industry will eventually develop in the direction of wisdom and intelligence; DiskMFR will definitely become the brightest star in the industrial storage field in the future, no matter of product quality, technical support, or service platform layout completion, relying on the high precision team strength and the strong support from loyal customers.

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It’s Leo Zhi. He was born on August 1987. Major in Electronic Engineering & Business English, He is an Enthusiastic professional, a responsible person, and computer hardware & software literate. Proficient in NAND flash products for more than 10 years, critical thinking skills, outstanding leadership, excellent Teamwork, and interpersonal skills.  Understanding customer technical queries and issues, providing initial analysis and solutions. If you have any queries, Please feel free to let me know, Thanks

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