Blue screen of Ghost caused by SATA SSD? and how to solve it?

After entering DOS, the machine will stop running ghost and become a fake dead machine. If you enter PE and run ghost, you will get a blue screen.

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After entering DOS, the machine will stop running ghost and become a fake dead machine. If you enter PE and run ghost, you will get a blue screen.

The main reason for this phenomenon is that GHOST is too low (version below 11) and does not recognize SATA optical drives and hard disks. When GHOST starts, it has to detect the presence of IDE hard drives, and if there are no IDE devices, it will keep detecting them, causing a false crash. Of course, recently I also saw someone say that the onboard USB devices may also cause GHOST to crash. It is said that the hard disk has a hidden partition, and the first partition for the NTFS partition format, resulting in DOS can not properly access the SATA hard disk, will also cause a GHOST crash.

The solution for the blue screen of Ghost caused by SATA SSD can be found in the following ways

  • Using the latest GHOST.EXE, the latest version should be able to support SATA devices.
  • Modifying THE SATA Settings in the BiOS. In the BiOS of the mainboard, the ATA/IDE Configuration of Drive Configuration is Enhanced by default. In this case, change it to Legacy. Legacy IDE Channels option is also changed to “SATA” after the above Settings are changed, run GHOST. This method is mainly to change the hard disk SATA enhancement mode into the compatible mode, that is, IDE mode. Some BIOS versions may be different.
  • Boot to DOS, run ghost-noIDE; Disable GHOST from detecting IDE devices.
  • Boot into WinPE and run GHOST32.exe.
  • If you only use SATA devices, you can disable IDE in BIOS by DEL-Integrated PEripherals-IDE Function Setup-OnChip IDE Channel 0 or 1, change the parameter to Disabled.

Note that if you use a SATA drive, make sure you load uIDE.sys when you boot into DOS, otherwise you won’t find the drive. There is also in GHOST, hard disk C partition is best FAT32, so as not to appear strange fault.

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