Experts say SSDs are not green enough: use MLC & SLC flash memory

The carbon dioxide emissions of HDDs and SSDs, using 1TB capacity of SSDs and HDDs to assess carbon emissions.
Experts say SSDs are not green use MLC & SLC flash memory

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Does no one dispute that SSDs are revolutionarily superior to HDDs in terms of performance and experience, but what about going green? According to a new study by experts, SSDs emit almost twice as much carbon dioxide as mechanical hard drives. They are not green enough but can be improved by using MLC or SLC flash memory.

Two researchers from the University of Wisconsin in the United States and the University of British Columbia in Canada have published a new report, in which they studied the carbon dioxide emissions of HDDs and SSDs, using 1TB capacity of SSDs and HDDs to assess carbon emissions.

Emissions of SSD & HDD
Emissions of SSD & HDD

Looking at SSDs and HDDs, SSDs are of course more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The power consumption of SSDs in 5 years and 10 years is only about 1/3 of that of HDDs. However, their research also includes the production process, which has higher carbon emissions. The SSD is almost double the level, and the 10-year picture is similar.

One of the best ways to mitigate this problem is to use SSDS for as long as possible to reduce carbon emissions, while also using MLC and SLC flash memory, which are more reliable and longer-lived than TLC and QLC flash memory.

The results of the experts have come out. Now the pressure is on the flash manufacturers and SSD manufacturers. I wonder if they will produce more SLC and MLC flash under the pressure of environmental protection.


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