How to maintain the nozzle of the Surface Mount System?

In SMT chip production, the nozzle is to absorb the electronic components of precision parts and is an essential part of the chip machine parts
How to maintain The suction nozzle of surface mount system

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In SMT chip production, the nozzle is to absorb the electronic components of precision parts and is an essential part of the chip machine parts, nozzle maintenance is the most important, a lot of chip-throwing material problems are also the reason for the nozzle, so the nozzle maintenance good, for reducing the chip throwing material, improving the efficiency of the chip machine, ensuring that the entire line production capacity has a vital factor, the following for everyone to understand What to clean, how to clean, and other methods.

① Suction nozzle through-hole or fine drill made of steel with a threaded structure

Disadvantage: part of the nozzle’s inner hole is not through, and the steel needle is easy to damage the nozzle; additionally, the 0.3mm nozzle inside diameter is too small, and the needle is easy to break within the nozzle aperture, causing scrap.

② Air gun + manufacturing alcohol (scrubbing with a clean soft cloth and sticky industrial alcohol, then blowing clean with an air gun)

Disadvantages: cannot clean the nozzle cavity, industrial alcohol nozzle corrosive for some materials; additionally, the use of adhesive bonding of the two-dimensional code or model mark is easy to fall off, resulting in unrecognizable.

③ ultrasonic cleaners

Disadvantages: Nozzles collide, causing surface coating damage, and cleaning fluid penetration can cause the reflective plate to fall off.

④ Automatic nozzle cleaning machine

Principle: Pneumatic principle design; the machine has a high-pressure liquid storage device; through high-pressure atomization, produces fine water spray to the nozzle; cleans nozzle surface and internal dirt; uses cleaning agent for deionized water; does not pollute; can be automatically cleaned; saves manpower.


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