Solid-State Drives boot up fast? This is the biggest misconception about SSDs


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Summary: Why are some people willing to spend three or four thousand on a computer, but refuse to spend another three or four hundred on a solid-state drive? Fast boot time is indeed the most easily quantifiable indicator of an SSD, as you can clearly see how many seconds the boot time shows. However, SSDs have more impact on the experience than the …

SSD is just a shortened boot time?

Fast boot is really the easiest indicator to quantify for SSDs because you can clearly see how many seconds the boot time shows. However, SSDs have more impact on the use of the experience is not quantifiable, such as the speed of opening programs, software multi-opening fluency, etc.; and then the most basic hard drive storage, reading function, large files okay if encountered numerous small files, then the SSD efficiency gains can even reach hundreds of times the mechanical hard drive!

SSD price is too high, it is better to upgrade the graphics card memory?

Admittedly, the current price/performance ratio of SSDs is not yet comparable to mechanical hard drives, nor can they give a boost to game frame rates, but compared to replacing at least a thousand dollars of hardware such as CPUs and graphics cards, upgrading a few hundred dollars of SSDs can achieve a spot-on boost, so why not?

Not only games but any program that needs to be loaded from the hard drive can be accelerated by orders of magnitude using an SSD. And because SSDs are composed of master + flash memory, they are constructed to get rid of mechanical kinetic energy consumption and wear and tear, thus avoiding the frequent lag and false death that occurs on mechanical hard drives. It is equivalent to the lubricant in a car, which may not seem critical, but in fact, greatly affects the comfort of the experience.

The short life span of SSD?

Most SSD brands offer users at least a three-year warranty (We DiskMFR supply Limited 5-Year Warranty). Since manufacturers are confident in offering such attractive warranty regulations, the products must have passed numerous stress tests during factory testing. And SSDs are generally only replaced and not repaired, then as manufacturers to ensure that the product yield is critical.

So, as long as the quality and warranty are excellent, the warranty period you just use is also very difficult to hang up. Just pay attention to the following points, and then enjoy the thrill of SSDs!

1、the use of trim function support operating system (Windows 7 and above);.
2、open the motherboard AHCI hard disk mode.
2、Try not to perform disk organization on the SSD.
3、Use the official tuning program (MP Tool) to perform regular maintenance on the SSD.

Solid-state drives, like large-screen smartphones, are something that begins to be unacceptable, and once used, can never return. As the saying goes, a good computer repair, spare tire preparation to old age, maybe you just do not dare to disassemble the computer to install SSD, will not install the system, parameter settings are too complex and refuse to accept the SSD, please contact me, we will provide you with a full set of FAE technical support.

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