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The reliability of each MLC varies from Page performance to performance

The Lower page and the Upper page are the same as the Lower page, and the Lower page is the same as the Lower page, and the Lower page is the same as the Lower page. It is misleading that the performance of each page is the same. In fact, it is not.

If all page performances are basically the same in each program, then the Nand Flash particle should be the most stable and reliable, so by observing the distribution of each page performance, we can roughly see the reliability of Nand Flash.

Although the datasheet of each Nand Flash will indicate the detailed time of Erase, Program, and Read Performance, in fact, these Performances are averaging the Lower page and Upper Page, so the misleading is that the performance of every page is the same, in fact, this is not the case.

The test methods are as follows: select 1024 (03FF) Block, do PPPink E 1000 times and generate the diagram of each PPPUE. The more stable the curve is, the more stable the particle is, and the greater the curve pulsation is, the worse the particle stability is.

DiskMFR Page0 program is time-consuming and seems to be stable.
DiskMFR The time-consuming of a less-than-ideal Lower page:
DiskMFR The time-consuming of a less-than-ideal Upper page:

Overall, the distribution of the page program is messy, and as a new 3D NAND sample, there may be room for improvement.

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