Which is best for SSD testing software? Comparison of 6 Solid-State Disk Software

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The first thing that comes to mind when you buy a solid-state hard drive is the test speed and the test internal chip, so that you can judge the quality of a SSD, especially when you are ready to buy a new SSD, you will not be deceived by using these tools, and you can test whether the read and write speed has reached the manufacturer's nominal value, but there are many SSD testing software at present, but what are the good ones and which one is the best? let's compare it below.

We have selected the 6 most worthwhile software from many test software as below.

CrystalDiskMarkAS SSD BenchmarkCrystalDiskInfoSSD-ZATTO Disk BenchmarkHD Tune Pro
SSD Testing Software
  • CrystalDiskMark

 It is a relatively early speed testing software, the very beginning is prepared for SSD, of course, testing U disk and hard disk is also easy, its size is very small, and the interface is relatively simple, easy to use, and easy to use, you can take with you at any time to test your equipment. It can test the speed of continuous and random reading and writing of the hard disk, so as to compare the performance of the hard disk. It is a relatively accurate speed testing software at present, which can not only test large files but also give the reading and writing speed of small files.

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  • AS SSD Benchmark

This is our most recommended SSD testing software. compared with other testing software, this is specially developed for SSD. It can not only test the read and write speed of SSD, but also give the state detection of whether it has been 4K aligned, and will also give the driver state detection of whether SSD has been installed. It is the most worthwhile tool for testing SSD at present, which is equivalent to it can replace all the software mentioned above to detect SSD. The speed of the smallest file and the speed of the large file can be tested in the same way as the reading and writing speed. In addition, it also uses the IOPS test results to show the number of read and write operations of the solid-state drive per second. The higher the value, the faster the read and write speed of small files, the better the SSD.

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  • CrystalDiskInfo

CrystalDiskInfo, referred to as CDI, focuses not on speed testing, but on a practical SSD health diagnostic tool that allows you to visually check the full health status, temperature, and more related information of your hard drive. In addition to supporting general mechanical hard drives, it also supports SSD solid-state drives and even some mobile hard drives, while the main function of SSD is to test its interface type, firmware version, and the number of times SSD has been used.

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  • SSD-Z

This tool is a rising star, similar to CPU-Z, its main function is to detect the chip of SSD, it does not provide speed testing, but it is very powerful in hardware testing of SSD. It can detect not only the main control model of SSD but also the type and brand of SSD flash memory. It is a very professional SSD detection tool. In addition, it will also give you whether the SSD is 4K aligned, whether it has supported fast storage, and interface types. Firmware version and other information.

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  • ATTO Disk Benchmark

This is one of the oldest speed testing software, used to test U disk in the past, can also be used for SSD testing, but because there is no update for a long time, the accuracy of speed testing is not very good, not very recommended. ATTO Disk Benchmark is a disk/network performance testing tool produced by ATTO. The software uses the test package of 64KB-256MB. The data package is 0.5K, 1.0K, and 2.0K until it is read and written to 8192KB. After the test is completed, the data is expressed in the form of a bar chart. It is a good illustration of the impact of different file size ratios on disk speed.

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  • HD Tune Pro

This is also a very old speed testing software, initially for ordinary hard disk use, its main functions are hard disk transmission rate detection, health status detection, temperature detection, and disk surface scanning, and so on. In addition, the firmware version, serial number, capacity, cache, size, and current Ultra DMA mode of the hard disk can be detected. Although these features are also available in other software, it is commendable that this software integrates all these functions in one, and it is very small and fast, but this tool is not easy to use for SSD. It is not suitable for the structure of SSD, and it is only suitable for mechanical hard drives, but the speed test can still be used for reference. It will give a speed curve and you can see the stability of SSD.

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To sum up, if you want to buy an SSD or just configured a new computer, then you only need to use AS SSD Benchmark and SSD-Z these two software is enough, a test speed, a test chip, from these two aspects can completely judge the quality of an SSD.

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