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Fundamental knowledge related to chip testing (III)

IIII. How to conduct a product test development

Various specifications: There are usually three types of specifications, design specifications, test specifications, and product specifications.
Design specification, a document containing the definition of the expected functions and performance characteristics of a new circuit design, needs to be completed during the design project initiation phase, usually by marketing and design personnel. The actual functions and performance of the final designed product need to be compared with the provisions of the design specification to confirm the completion of this design project.

Test specification, which contains detailed step-by-step test procedures, conditions, and methods to fully test the circuit, is usually completed by the designer and product verification engineer during the design process. Product specification, usually called datasheet, issued by the design company to the public, contains a variety of detailed specifications, voltage, current, timing, and other information.

Test plan: is the test plan, need to carefully study the product specifications, according to the product specifications to write the test plan, the specific need to include the following information.

a) DUT information, specific information of each pad or pin, CP test needs to clarify the coordinates and type information of each bond pad, FT test needs to clarify the package type and type information of each pin.

b) Test machine requirements, test machine resource requirements, such as the number of power requirements, the program writing environment, the number of various signal resources, how accurate these are, but also need to understand the corresponding test factory in the number of such test machines and capacity, test machine costs these.

c) a variety of hardware information, such as CP in the probe card, FT in the design requirements of the load board, and test machine interface with a variety of signal resources.

d) chip parameters test specifications, specific test parameters, test conditions, and parameter specifications for each test item, this is mainly based on the specifications in the datasheet to confirm. Type with the following figure (8) so.

Figure (8)

e) Test project development plan, specifying the specific details and expected completion date, to achieve the controllability and efficiency of the entire project. Test project flow: Peach Core Technology is currently mass production of BLE SOC products, which contain eflash, AD/DA, LDO/BUCK, RF, and many other modules, in order to provide customers with high-quality products, we have detailed testing for each module, the following figure (9) is our approximate project test flow.

Figure (9)

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